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The Blue Oval Podcast: Southern Utah Stuns NAU, Oklahoma State vs Tulsa, Athing Mu's Record & More

The Stride Report has never been busier with so much going on. Ben and Garrett recap and analyze a handful of cross country results detailing the lineup structure of multiple podium teams. They then dive into the conference meet results and offer their biggest takeaways from a wild weekend of action...

Southern Utah Upsets Limited Northern Arizona Team (2:41) + (8:58)

Taryn O'Neill Secures Promising Win (7:30)

BYU Women Still Without Whittni Orton (11:09)

Gonzaga's Performance, Portland's NCAA Hopes & BYU's Win (15:21)

Analyzing the Lineup Structure of the Oklahoma State Women (21:51)

Evaluating the Men of Oklahoma State and Tulsa (24:37)

Trying to Gauge Iowa State Individuals (28:47)

Biggest Indoor Track Surprises From This Past Weekend (31:08)

Biggest Implications for the Indoor National Title (32:56)

Best Indoor Races of the Weekend (40:10)

Most Underrated Indoor Result of the Weekend (42:21)

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