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The Blue Oval Podcast: One Of Us Ran 3:42 And It Wasn't Garrett

Ben Weisel just ran 3:42 for 1500 meters and that's basically all we talk about for the entire 44 minutes of this podcast. Of course, if we DID talk about anything else, it would've been the following...

Eliud Kipsang's 3:36/1:47 Weekend Double (3:15)

Joe Walker Invitational Men's 1500 meters (8:15)

Ratcliffe Runs 3:39 to Beat Tubby & Facioni (16:08)

Luis Grijalva Runs 3:39 (19:15)

Tyynismaa's 4:12 Victory & Ongoing Excellence (20:11)

Jennings Earns Big Win Over Kimeli & Roe (23:55)

Rivers' 4:14 Mark & the BIG 10-only Schedule (26:58)

Top Steeplechase Times & Grace Beattie's Progress (29:18)

What Should We Think of Smeeton's Recent Steeple Effort? (31:14)

Top 800 Times & Sarah Hendrick's 2:01 (32:56)

Amber Tanner Returns to the 800 (36:22)

Notable 5k Performances & Kaley Richards' Impressive Versatility (36:57)

Athanas Kioko's 13:28 & What That Means Going Forward (38:37)

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