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The Blue Oval Podcast: Mile Madness & Gauging Title Contenders

What. A. Weekend. Ben and Garrett attempt to put into words just how incredible this past weekend of action was on the indoor oval. The guys chat about the record-breaking performances from the Oregon men, the ongoing success of the women from Arkansas and BYU, the numerous surprise performances and so. much. more.

Teare & Hocker's 3:50 Miles (2:04)

Charlie Hunter's Incredible Weekend Double (3:57)

Is Sam Tanner a Title Contender? (6:30)

Notable Performances from Davis Bove & Mario Garcia Romo (8:18)

Arkansas' Never-Ending Success (10:48)

BYU Women's Stunning Display of Firepower (12:53)

Which BYU Men Will Run at the NCAA Indoor Championships? (17:21)

Jenna Magness Takes Down Ericka VanderLende (21:57)

The Continued Rise of Jason Gomez (25:13)

Who Can Challenge Athing Mu in the Women's 800 Meters (27:41)

Gear & Hurta's Incredible 4:31, Evaluating Breakout Performances (30:20)

Arkansas Men Show Depth in 5k & Adriaan Wildschutt Makes Impressive Indoor Debut (33:39)

Eliud Kipsang's Ongoing Rise (36:38)

Trying to Figure Out Emmanuel Cheboson (38:09)

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