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The Blue Oval Podcast: Kelati & Werner Go Pro, Jaw-Dropping 5k & 10k Performances

NCAA superstars turn pro, key distance transfers are announced and top-tier collegiates post elite-level marks in the 5000 and 10,000 meters. December is usually a slow month for content, but Ben and Garrett had plenty to talk about during this week's episode...

Weini Kelati & Taylor Werner Turn Pro (4:08)

Anthony Russo & Lauren Bailey to Notre Dame in Fall of 2021 (11:01)

Ehab El-Sandali in the Transfer Portal (14:48)

Teare & Grijalva Run All-Time 5k Marks (19:07)

Maria Mettler's Huge 10k Debut (23:42)

Hocker's Rise & Oregon's Exciting Potential (27:50)

Encouraging Performances From Wisconsin Men (32:32)

Washington Reloads on Scoring Potency With Schadler & Herberg (34:40)

Ultra-Fast 10k Times From Wesley Kiptoo & Robert Brandt (38:19)

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