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The Blue Oval Podcast: Gauging Postseason Potential

Garrett couldn't make this week's episode, so long-time TSR veteran Sam Ivanecky stepped in to join Ben for some analysis. The guys glance over results from this past weekend and begin to analyze some of the difficult event choices that a few of the nation's top talents will have to make for the postseason...

What Events Should Hocker Pursue at the NCAA Championships & Olympic Trials? (3:13)

Nico Young & Northern Arizona's Big-Time 5k Efforts (7:13)

Butler Flexes 5k Depth (11:25)

Patty Dever Runs 13:28, Takes Down Kemboi, Kipsang & Kiprop (12:52)

Chelangat's Chances of Double Gold at the NCAA Championships (15:20)

Carmela Cardama Baez: 5k, 10k or Both at the NCAA Championships? (18:51)

Trying to Figure Out the Men's Steeplechase Field (20:34)

Is Jennings a Steeplechase Title Favorite? (26:12)

Clinger's & Bons' Big Mile Conversions (29:31)

Ryan Adams Edges Adam Fogg (31:41)

Sage Hurta is Untouchable in the 1500 Meters (33:32)

Gitahi Runs 4:15, Forbes & Wasserman Runs 4:14 (35:12)

Barton Runs 2:01, Who is the Non-Mu 800 Title Favorite? (37:42)

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