Shifting Our Focus

It’s that time of the year again for distance runners all around the nation. While some collegiates are extending their season in an attempt to qualify for the World Championships, others are shifting their focus towards the long grind of summer miles in preparation for cross country. The switch to cross country means that we have many questions to analyze and answer such as...who is the favorite to win the team title this year? Who has the edge during cross country, Fisher or Knight? What big-name transfers can we expect this year and how will they impact their team? The questions for this upcoming season are endless...

With essentially three months of no collegiate racing happening, that leaves us a lot of time of time for features, rankings, stories, and so much more.

So what will our plan be during these summer months? Here are just a few ideas…

-Recruit Rankings (coming soon)

-Top 25 Team XC Rankings (coming this July)

-Top 50 Individual XC Rankings (coming this August)

-Featured stories


-Anything you would want to see (comment below, contact us on social media, or send us an email)

At the same time, we are also looking for writers! If you’re interested in being a part of a growing site that pays $2 per article then send us an email at to find out more information. We’re always looking for more people to get involved!

In the mean time, stay patient as we prep a summer of awesome content! We’ve got a lot more coming your way.

Stay tuned,

The Stride Report team