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Regrouping and Reviewing

Welp. That's it. We're finished.

All of our D1 rankings have been posted.

As I'm sure you all know, I am incredibly proud of the work that this team put in to make this happen. We weren't perfect, and we likely had some oversights here and there, but I feel strongly that we brought an unmatched level of analysis to the table.

Don't worry though, we're not letting that die down just yet! We'll have a Group Chat article coming later today (maybe tomorrow?) to review and recap our XC Top 25 teams.

Still, outside of that lone article, where do we go from here?

Admin Absence

As some of you may know, your TSR Admin (me) will be taking a two week hiatus from the site to travel overseas to Africa starting tonight. This, of course, was expected. Over the past month, our team has been preparing content and working on a handful of other things so that TSR can run smoothly while I'm gone.

Just know that despite having other contributors take control of site content while I'm gone, there are certain configurations and typical site features that won't be available during my absence. Mainly, this just means that the "News" section on the HOME page won't be updated until I get back and that our Weekly Briefing email will also be delayed until I return.

A few of the articles you read while I'm away will still be edited, but there might be some others where the writing style looks or feels different. There may even be a word out of place here or there. Even so, I'm confident that the work we publish will still be high quality.

We're not anticipating any issues over the next two weeks, but just be patient with us if something comes up. Most of the team is new to this, but we don't anticipate there to be any issues.

Content You Can Expect

Get pumped! Our Preseason D2 XC Top 10 teams are on the way! Those are expected to begin in the next couple of days. Additionally, we also have D2 Recruit Rankings (top five) that are being wrapped up and edited. Those will likely come in the next week or two...

Don't worry D3, we didn't forget about you! We have a couple of articles in the works that also still need to be edited. Assuming all of that is reviewed and properly set up, those will also be posted over the next two weeks.

Admittedly, D1 content may be a little sparse when you consider all of the other content that we have ready. Still, we are hoping to have a few articles here and there scattered throughout our ARTICLES page with some D1 discussion. Just hang tight on that!

Other Projects

We are rapidly working to bring you new projects each and every day. One of those likely won't be released until the end of September, but stayed tuned to the site for more on that...

* * *

That's all I've got for now! As always, we greatly appreciate your continued support. We have grown to an unprecedented level over these past few months and it's all because our outstanding readers have spread the word about us. For that, we are forever grateful.

Stay tuned. More is on the way.

You Loyal Admin,

Garrett Zatlin

The Stride Report


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