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NEWS: Moad Zahafi Sustains Injury, "Can Barely Walk", Recovery Timeline Unclear

Texas Tech's Moad Zahafi has announced on Instagram (via his story) that he has sustained an injury following the first few reps of a recent speed workout. Based on a graphic that Zahafi posted on his story (below), his injury appears to be around the inner hip. He is currently undergoing imaging scans and is awaiting further results.

Zahafi also mentioned in his story that he can "barely walk" at the moment.

We reached out to Zahafi to ask for additional clarity which he was kind enough to offer. The Red Raider ace has dealt with this same injury "from a long time ago" which is what he suspects is currently plaguing him this spring.

Zahafi is aiming for a quick recovery in hopes that he can be back for the postseason. However, his recovery timeline remains unclear as his mobility continues to be limited.

Zahafi emerged as a potential title contender to Texas A&M's Brandon Miller earlier this spring after running a jaw-dropping time of 1:43 or 800 meters. That result put Zahafi at NCAA #3 all-time in the event and he became the fourth collegiate in the NCAA to run under 1:44.

That 1:43 result was a personal best for the Moroccan superstar after he came into the NCAA with a 1:44 PR. That time also helped Zahafi soundly defeat an elite 800 meter field at the University of Florida earlier this spring, taking down names like Brandon Miller and John Rivera in the process.

Zahafi recently posted a 3:39 mark for 1500 meters at the Drake Relays in his first-ever attempt at the event.

With Zahafi's status now hanging in the balance, a serious title contender for the men's 800 meters may now be in jeopardy of not toeing the line on the national stage come June. If that were to happen, then the status of "title favorite" in the half-mile would definitively return to Brandon Miller...if he didn't already have it.

Earlier this season, Virginia Tech's Lindsey Butler, the women's 800 meter defending indoor champion and clear national title favorite, announced that she had sustained an injury which will keep her out for the rest of this spring.


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