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NEWS: Joe Klecker Signs With OnRunning

Earlier today, Joe Klecker announced that he has signed with OnRunning (sometimes referred to as "On") as his official sponsor. The long-awaited decision comes after months of speculation suggesting that Klecker could be signing with the Swiss-based brand.

Other notable distance runners that OnRunning currently sponsors includes recent Olympic marathon qualifier Jake Riley, nine-time NCAA D2 champion Alicja Konieczek and Portland alum Reid Buchanan (13:27 5k, 27:58 10k).

Klecker was one of the top distance running talents in the nation over the past two years and was (likely) one of the most in-demand collegiate distance runners for brands to sign this summer. The former Colorado Buffalo owns personal bests of 3:58 (mile, unconverted), 7:47 (3k) and 13:30 (5k, unattached). He was also a seven-time All-American and a two-time NCAA runner-up.

According to one source, other recent collegiates will also be signing with OnRunning in the near future, although that is unconfirmed.


OnRunning has announced via their Instagram story that they will be unveiling their full roster for their new professional training group on August 10th. The group will coached by Colorado alum and now-retired American distance running legend Dathan Ritzenhein.


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