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NEWS: Huntington University Coaches Lauren Johnson & Curtis Hines Removed From Roster

On Tuesday, a piece authored by David Woods of Indy Star Sports detailed allegations of sexual misconduct and potential doping from a lawsuit filed by two former Huntington University distance runners against their former coach, Nick Johnson.

Johnson's wife, Lauren Johnson, who is a professional runner and formerly an assistant coach for Huntington University, was promoted to a head coaching role with the Foresters in 2020 following the dismissal of Nick Johnson who was charged with, "felony counts of child seduction, kidnapping and identity deception" in December 2020, per Woods.

Lauren Johnson and assistant coach Curtis Hines are both alleged as being negligent parties in the lawsuit, according to Woods.

On Thursday, Huntington University removed both Lauren Johnson and Curtis Hines from the Foresters' coaching roster. According to both Woods and, the university placed Lauren Johnson and Hines on leave, "effective immediately and until further notice pending investigation."

According to, Huntington University issued the following statement on Thursday:

The University has engaged in communication with key stakeholders to begin the necessary work required to ensure the ongoing care of our students.
The University has and continues to provide a variety of opportunities and directed avenues for students who were impacted to be heard, obtain counseling services, and make Title IX inquiries. We remain committed to providing a workplace and educational environment, as well as other benefits, programs, and activities, that are free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

Austin Roark and CJ Robertson are now listed as Huntington University's newest coaches for their women's cross country roster.

Earlier this year, Huntington University made headlines in the track and field world when Addy Wiley, the high school national record holder in the 1600 meters with a personal best of 4:26.16, de-committed from Colorado to join the Foresters.

Lauren Johnson was the pace-setter for Wiley en route to her high school national record.


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