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ICYMI: The Stride Report Has Post-Race Interviews & There Are More To Come!

The Stride Report is slowly (but steadily) building.

Part of that building process means expanding our reach and getting involved in more on-site engagement. More specifically, I'm talking about post-race interviews.

For those who haven't heard or seen yet, all TSR "Boost" subscribers (i.e. anyone with a subscription) can access our still-developing library of post-race interviews. We're still fine-tuning our approach, our questioning and our travel schedule, but moving forward, you can expect more interviews (per meet) as well as some post-race chats with some heavy-hitting distance talents.

Will you be at a major meet this year? And do you have any post-race interview experience? Let us know by shooting us an email at

Here are a few recent uploads from this season (all links connect to the same page)...

  • Brayden Marshall & Winfield XC (AA)

  • Ella Hardin (Hurricane) (AAA)

  • Ty Steorts & Aaron Kidd (Hurricane) (AAA)

  • Simon Heys (Wilmington (OH))

  • Ali Upshaw (Northern Arizona)

  • Acer Iverson (Harvard)

  • Charlie Ortmans & Shane Brosnan (Harvard)

  • Lindsay Cunningham (Winona State)

  • Kaylee Beyer (Winona State)

  • Matthew Storer (Colorado Christian)

  • Coach James Kearney (Lewis XC Men & Women)

  • Coach Laurie Henes (NC State XC Women)

  • Coach Nick Stenuf (Alabama XC Women)

  • Chandler Gibbens (Kansas)

  • Carson Williams (Furman)


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