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DEVELOPING: EKU Rick Erdmann Twilight Steeplechase Results Invalid, per Craig Nowak & Sources

This past weekend, the 3000 meter steeplechase at the EKU Rick Erdmann Twilight meet produced a plethora of top-ranked times. On the men's side, 18 different athletes, including 14 collegiate runners, broke the 9:00 barrier. Six men went under 8:40 with winner Craig Nowak posting a winning time of 8:21. Ahmed Jaziri, the top collegiate in the field, was runner-up.

On the women's side, West Virginia's Ceili McCabe emerged as the top collegiate in a time of 9:57 while Butler's Angelina Ellis ran 10:01. Amy Cashin, running unattached, won the race in a time of 9:48.

However, according to a recent Instagram post from steeplechase winner Craig Nowak, the starting line for the steeplechase at this meet was not correctly placed by the track installation company. As a result, Nowak is stating that his 8:21 time, and therefore all other steeplechase marks in this event, are now invalid.

Multiple sources in different coaching circles have also informed The Stride Report that those steeplechase results are expected to be invalid. At the time of publication, TFFRS has not yet adjusted or removed those marks from their national leaderboard list. No official word from Eastern Kentucky or the NCAA has been made at this time.


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