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D2 Outdoor Top 20: Update #4 (Men)



Was not ranked the week before


First number indicates the change in a runner's ranking from week prior

Second number indicates where the runner was ranked last week


20. Jake Mitchem, Colorado Mines (0 / 20)

Mitchem still hasn’t raced this year since his 8:56 steeplechase debut at the Mike Fanelli Classic. It’s the #2 fastest time in the NCAA so far this season and he should still be in that shape, if not faster.

19. Pierre-Louis Detourbe, Simon Fraser (0 / 19)

Detourbe didn’t quite have the weekend either of us were likely expecting. He ran 9:23 in the steeple at Bryan Clay and finished as the 51st overall finisher. It’s a far cry from his 9:02 that he ran earlier in the season. I’m not entirely concerned with the performance as steeple is one of those events where you have it, or you don’t. I still think he’ll be in contention in May.

18. Christian Noble, Lee (Tenn.) (Unranked)

We finally saw Noble get back on the track in a big way last weekend. After a stellar opener where he ran 9:00, Noble had some races that were just considered average. We thought he was going to be apart of the Bryan Clay meet, but he opted to stay close to home. That was indeed a good choice as he 8:55 in the steeple. That’s the fastest time in the country and immediately moves him up into a contender spot with no real favorites. Noble was an All-American in this event as a freshman he could take the next step in May.

17. Luke Julian, Colorado Mines (-1 / 16)

Julian didn’t make the trip out to California either. He’s a lock to go in the 1500, but it would have been nice to see where he stood in terms of his fitness.

16. Rowan Doherty, Simon Fraser (-4 / 12)

This was a tough decision to move Doherty back after he ran a personal best of 3:48 in the 1500 at Bryan Clay. Normally, we’d be talking about how great this is, but as of right now he is currently #18 in the country and is in the cusp of not making it to the national meet. He’ll give it another shot, I’m sure of it and there are others that will scratch from this race when the time comes.

15. Leakey Kipkosgei, American International (-1 / 14)

After a PR at UCONN, Kipkosgei went to the 2019 Larry Ellis Invitational where he posted another PR in the 1500. Albeit was only three-tenths of a second better than his performance the weekend before. He didn’t improve his positioning, but by racing the same event two times in a row, it’s safe to say that he’s decided on racing the 1500 at Nationals.

14. Ayman Zahafi, TAMU-Kingsville (+3 / 17)

Zahafi continues his dominant racing in the last few weeks. This time, it comes with the NCAA #1 time in the 800 and usurping Thomas Staines’ top mark of 1:48.96. Zahafi ran 1:48.85 at the Fred J. Duckett Invitational. I love that Zahafi has run another PR in the event and that he’s coming off of a strong 3rd place finish at the NCAA indoor meet. That postseason momentum from indoors has led to a big outdoor regular season so far. The real question, however, is whether or not he can repeat his performance at the national level.

13. Devundrick Walker, CSU-Pueblo (+2 / 15)

We saw Walker run at Bryan Clay on Friday and in typical fashion, he led most of the race. While it is not a personal best for Walker, it is the first time he’s gone under 1:50 this year and that should bode well for him in the coming weeks. He’s still ahead of Zahafi this week due to his experience in big races. However, it’s getting much closer as each week passes.

12. Victor Moreau, Academy of Art (+1 / 13)

This dude doesn’t stop. After personal bests in the 1500 and 800 a few weeks ago, Moreau came back and ran 14:09 for 5000 meters this past weekend. That gives him two top 18 marks on the season and lines him up to run the 1500/5000 double at NCAA's. Moreau has continued to impress as the season has gone on and while he’s not a strong contender to win the title in the 5000, I think a case could be made that he can position himself well enough in the 1500 to make a run at a title bid.

11. Brett Meyer, Fort Hays State (0 / 11)

Meyer has been stuck in the #11 position for the last three weeks now...and it’s not really his fault. He ran the 1500 this weekend at Bryan Clay where he ran 3:44 which is equivalent to what his altitude conversion from the Colorado Invitational said he could run. I’m sure he was looking to better his mark of 3:43 in the event, but nonetheless, he still stands as a legitimate contender in the 1500 this May. Meyer is one of the most consistent runners that we have in D2 and when you’re consistent, good things are bound to happen.

10. Marcelo Laguera, CSU-Pueblo (0 / 10)

We saw two personal bests from Laguera this weekend. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to move him up in our rankings. First, he ran 14:08 at the Bryan Clay Invitational. That’s a 10 second improvement from last year. While that is great and all, it’s essentially what his altitude converted mark from his home meet earlier this year said he could do. It’s still a top 10 mark in the NCAA, but I don’t think he’s in the title contender status for the event. Secondly, he came back the next day and ran 3:52 for 1500 meters. That’s a two second PR and on par for his racing schedule the last three years. I still think his best chance for success is in the 10,000.

9. Josh Hoskinson, Colorado Mines (-1 / 8)

Hoskinson ran the #4 fastest 5000 meter time this season at Bryan Clay this past weekend. Along with that, it was a one second improvement for the Oredigger senior. I am not sure if Hoskinson is going to run the 1500/5000 double that he’s qualified for so far this season. I’ll lean toward just the 5000 and if that’s the case, he has a strong chance to be a top five finisher again.

8. Taylor Stack, Western Colorado (+1 / 9)

A name that was somewhat forgotten in the 3000 steeple is Taylor Stack. After this weekend, he’s put his name back into the conversation with his 8:56 race at Mt. SAC. Had he not fallen twice during the race, we likely would have seen him run faster than that. It’s also a three-second personal best. In a race that feels so wide open, there’s no reason to believe that Stack shouldn’t be apart of the contenders. He came back and ran 3:54 the next day at the Beach Invitational in an effort to get some speed work in. There’s the possibility of him running the steeple/5000 double if he decides to give the 5000 one more strong effort.

7. Dennis Mbuta, Grand Valley State (0 / 7)

Mbuta ran a personal best in the 800 last weekend and barely missed breaking the 1:49 barrier as he finished last in the fast section at Bryan Clay. However, he was pulled along to a quarter second PR with his time of 1:49.03. He now has the #3 fastest time in the NCAA and will be looking to find a way under 1:49 in an effort to replicate his runner-up finish from the national meet last season. He also was entered in the 1500, but looked to just be pacing other athletes in his heat.

6. Felix Wammetsberger, Queens (N.C.) (-1 / 5)

It was conference weekend for the Queens athletes. There were no fast times here, but Wammetsberger came away with a 2nd place finish in the 1500 and then a 3rd place finish in the 800.

5. Daniel Wallis, Queens (N.C.) (-2 / 3)

Like Wammetesberger, Wallis was at his conference meet this weekend. He took home SAC title honors in the 1500 and then bounced back with a 2nd place finish in the 800.

4. Elias Gedyon, Adams State (+2 / 6)

I mentioned a move up for Gedyon earlier in the year and sure enough, Gedyon moved up. Truthfully, I did not expect him to run 13:45 over 5000 meters. I thought he’d run well, but not this well. With this effort, he’s now in the conversation for a top three finish in both the 1500 and the 5000. The team will likely need both of those predictions to come true as they’ll be looking for as many points as possible in the team scoring. Meanwhile, Gedyon will be looking for his second title and potentially even a third.

3. Thomas Staines, CSU-Pueblo (-1 / 2)

There’s not much to talk about with Staines from this weekend. He only ran the 400 and was on the 4x4 this past weekend. I was sure we’d see him try and run something fast, but clearly there is another plan in place. For good measure, Staines ran 47.57 which is good enough for #21 in the NCAA and he helped his 4x4 team run 3:12 which will likely get them into the NCAA meet.

2. Sydney Gidabuday, Adams State (-1 / 1)

Gidabuday opted for only one race this weekend and it wasn’t either of the races he’s competed in at NCAA's for the last two years. Instead, it was the 1500. He ran 3:46 and it was a personal best, but it’s oddly curious that he has not run a 5000 or a 10,000 once this year. I know that there are a few weeks left in the season and while the 10,000 may not be in his future, we have to see him run a 5000 at some point...right?

1. Zach Panning, Grand Valley State (+3 / 4)

Oh boy, I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for this. Yes, after a mark of 13:37 and a nine second personal best, you're bound to get some props. Panning is the defending champion at 5000 meters for the outdoor season and he’s got a really good chance at defending that in May. Add this to his 28:30 for 10,000 meters and he’s the top distance guy in the field this year. I do not think he’ll run either of these times at the NCAA meet for obvious tactical reasons, but it’s hard to ignore how good Panning has been for the last 365 days or so.



1. Thomas Staines (CSU-Pueblo)

2. Dennis Mbuta (Grand Valley State)

3. Devundrick Walker (CSU-Pueblo)

4. Ayman Zahafi (TAMU-Kingsville)

5. Shaquille Dill (St. Augustines)


1. Daniel Wallis (Queens (N.C.))

2. Felix Wammetsberger (Queens (N.C.))

3. Elias Gedyon (Adams State)

4. Brett Meyer (Fort Hays State)

5. Victor Moreau (Academy of Art)

3000 Steeplechase

1. Taylor Stack (Western Colorado)

2. Christian Noble (Lee (Tenn.))

3. Pierre-Louis Detourbe (Simon Fraser)

4. Jake Mitchem (Colorado Mines)

5. Edwin Kangogo (Alaska Anchorage)


1. Zach Panning (Grand Valley State)

2. Sydney Gidabuday (Adams State)

3. Elias Gedyon (Adams State)

4. Josh Hoskinson (Colorado Mines)

5. Ruben Dominguez (Cal Poly Pomona)


1. Zach Panning (Grand Valley State)

2. Marcelo Laguera (CSU-Pueblo)

3. Tom Goforth (Saginaw Valley State)

4. Stetson Rayas (Dallas Baptist

5. Jack Mastrandrea (Charleston W.V.)


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