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BREAKING: SEC, ACC + BIG 12 Discussing XC Tri-Conference Proposal, NCAA D1 Approves Blanket Waiver

The Stride Report has received an email exchange between numerous high-level coaches in the SEC, ACC and BIG 12 which centered around a proposal for cross country competition this fall. The proposal, which can be found below, originated from the Alabama coaching staff.

While only in the embryonic stages and subject to change, the proposal lays out a cross country schedule with three weekends designated for regular season competition. Conference meets would be used as the qualifier for the "Tri-Conference Championship" (name pending).

The first draft of the proposal suggested a four-region model, although that aspect of the proposal was ultimately axed following feedback from coaches.

In the email exchange from last week, coaches noted that there were still lingering questions, specifically around eligibility, which needed to be answered by the NCAA prior to any schools committing to compete in cross country this fall.

One of those questions was answered this past week.

On Friday, the NCAA Division One Board of Directors approved an additional year of eligibility for fall sport student-athletes via a blanket waiver. The additional year of eligibility removes a major roadblock of concern for coaches who were initially cautious about competing this fall.

The proposal is expected to be discussed among coaches of the three aforementioned conferences in the near future.


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