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Blue Oval Podcast: Texas & Raleigh Relays Analysis

Phew! What a weekend. The Raleigh Relays and Texas Relays, plus a handful of other quietly great meets, gave Ben and Garrett PLENTY to talk about. The Blue Oval duo chatted about the quick 800 meter races in Texas, the key wins from Tuohy and Fegans, and the insane 10k depth shown in Raleigh. Listen to all of that and more below!

Unsurprising Season Openers (2:40)

Texas Relays Men's 800 Meters - Jones Takes Down Zahafi (4:13)

Texas Relays Women's 800 Meters - Grand Canyon Duo Surprises (7:41)

Texas Relays Men's 5k - Surprised the Race Wasn't Faster? (11:41)

Raleigh Relays Women's 1500 Meters - Tuohy & Validation for Field (14:28)

Raleigh Relays Men's 5000 Meters - Garrett's Most Interesting Race (18:11)

Raleigh Relays Men's 1500 Meters - Wes Porter's Breakout Race (20:07)

Raleigh Relays Women's 1500 Meters - Marvin Improved Her Stock (22:37)

Raleigh Relays Women's 5000 Meters - Chepkemei Improved Her Stock (23:13)

Raleigh Relays Men's 10k & 1500 - Aaron Las Heras Improved His Stock the Most (24:55)

Raleigh Relays Men's Steeplechase - Wilkinson's Statement Win (25:56)

Raleigh Relays Men's 10k - The Insane Depth of the Men's 10k (28:46)

Raleigh Relays Women's 10k - Fegans Future 10k Potential (35:31)

Quick Shoutouts - Seeland Runs 2:05, Women's Steeplechase, Men's 1500 Meters (40:30)

Raleigh Relays Men's Steeplechase - Event Depth (41:30)


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