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Blue Oval Podcast: Should Nico Young Run the 1500m in the Postseason? Plus, Amina Maatoug Enters Transfer Portal


Podcast production via Wyatt Barnsley


It was just a solo effort from your TSR admin as Ben was given the week off. This week, Garrett dives into some of the key results from this past weekend including Nico Young and Colin Sahlman's 1500m efforts as well as a big weekend for the Penn women. Garrett then caps the episode by diving into transfer news highlighted by Amina Maatoug entering the transfer portal. As always, be sure to listen, review and subscribe!


(4:09) Nico Young & Colin Sahlman Run 3:34 (1500m)

(7:33) Does the 1500m Make More Sense for Nico Young in the Postseason

(9:39) Penn Women Take Over 10k

(12:59) Bronwyn Patterson Upsets Sophia Gorriaran

(15:29) Maia Ramsden Claims 1500/5k Double Gold

(17:07) Nick Plant Runs 1:46 (800m)

(20:07) Lindsey Butler and Billah Jepkirui Go 2:02 (800m)

(21:14) Kenzie Doyle Enters Portal as Grad Transfer

(24:46) Emma Heckel Transfers to Louisville

(26:41) Max Murphy Headed to UNC

(30:41) Abby Loveys Signs With Boston College

(33:13) Alex Carlson To Northern Arizona

(36:07) Amina Maatoug Enters Transfer Portal


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