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Blue Oval Podcast: Sean Brosnan to UCLA, Michigan's Incoming Transfers & BYU's Podium Chances

Ben and Garrett are back on air this week in an episode packed with recent news! The guys kick-off the episode with discussion around recent coaching hires made by UCLA and Illinois. Then, Ben and Garrett take a glance at some transfer headlines with the news of Michigan bringing in Anna Juul and Danielle Page, BYU bringing in Christian Allen and transfers headed to Florida State and Portland. Listen up!

UCLA Hires Sean Brosnan (2:36)

Illinois Hires Petros Kyprianou (12:41)

Khadevis Robinson Going Back to TCU (18:29)

Christian Allen to BYU (19:40)

Anna Juul and Danielle Page to Michigan (24:32)

Fearghal Curtin to Florida State (29:37)

Ahmed Sado to Portland (35:08)


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