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Blue Oval Podcast: Rising Stars of the 1500 Meters & New Steeplechase Developments

With Ben on his continued hiatus, Garrett was lucky enough to have fellow TSR veteran Maura Beattie join the podcast! The two D1 specialists chatted about the incredible 1500 meter results we saw this past weekend, the recent surge in top steeplechase times and the postseason for potential for a handful of elite stars...

Five Men Run 1:47 Marks for 800 Meters (1:49)

Aziza Ayoub's Breakout 2:03 Mark (9:23)

Mia Barnett's Statement 4:11 Performance & Mackay's Postseason Plans (11:28)

Chepekemi Earns Strong Win over Hertenstein & Leather (15:40)

Incredible 1500 Times From Noble, Brown, Spencer (18:55)

Cheruiyot Runs 3:38 For 1500 Meters (24:06)

Hacker Runs Earns Statement 5k Win & James Mwaura's 10k Potential (26:11)

Tuohy's Historic Performance & Her Title Chances (34:32)

Is Jenna Magness Underrated? (38:00)

Konieczek Fends Off Fetherstonhaugh in Steeple (41:18)

DeLay Stuns With Big Steeple PR (45:52)

Stokes Earns Huge Victory Over Deep Steeple Field (48:08)


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