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Blue Oval Podcast: Katelyn Tuohy's Argument for The Bowerman, Essayi & Jacobs Bolster Title Odds

Wow...what a weekend. Ben and Garrett reunite to go through some wild distance results including Tuohy's record-breaking 3k, Willis and Whittaker's 800 meter efforts and the outlook of the men's national 3k picture. Be sure to listen, subscribe and review!


Women's 800m (2:25)

Men's 800m (10:36)

Men's Mile (15:54)

Women's Mile (24:06)

Women's 3k (30:41)

Men's 3k (39:52)

Women's 5k (47:39)

DMR (50:26)

Best of the Rest Weekend Roundup (52:43)

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