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Blue Oval Podcast: How Do We Rank These XC Teams?

Ben and Garrett are back on the mics in an episode loaded with in-depth analysis. The guys kick-off the show by discussing Abdi Nur's and Adriaan Wildschutt's decisions to turn pro. Then, Ben and Garrett chat about which programs gave them the most challenges when trying to assemble our D1 XC Top 25 team rankings. Yet again, this is an absolute must-listen!

Abdi Nur and Adriaan Wildschutt Going Pro (2:15)

Hardest Teams to Rank (7:30)

Tennessee Men (8:35)

Arkansas Men (11:57)

Stanford Women (16:07)

Georgetown Women (18:45)

Portland Men (21:58)

Alabama Men (25:06)

Ole Miss Women (28:14)

Utah Women (31:00)

Furman Men (36:43)

Gonzaga Men (41:03)

North Carolina Women (45:57)

Wisconsin Women (49:48)


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