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Blue Oval Podcast: 2022 Regional Scratch Reactions & Predictions Analysis

There was tons to talk about with regional entries being released! Ben and Garrett broke down the numerous confusing scratch decisions before highlighting a few of their more challenging top-12 predictions for the upcoming regional meets. Listen now to the full analysis!

Abdi Nur Scratches 5k, Will Still Pursue 10k (2:22)

Jenna Magness Scratches 5k, Will Still Pursue 10k (5:39)

Abby Nichols Scratches 10k, Will Still Pursue 5k (6:42)

Rivera, Jones & Whitmarsh Scratch From 800 Meters (8:04)

Crayton Carrozza Chooses 1500 Meters Over 800 Meters (11:18)

Fay & Robinson Choose 5k Over 10k & Steeplechase (13:21)

East Men's 800 Meters Analysis (16:51)

East Women's 800 Meters Analysis (20:45)

East Men's 1500 Meters Analysis (23:27)

East Women's 1500 Meters Analysis (27:00)

East Men's 5k Analysis (31:51)

East Women's 5k Analysis (37:01)

East Men's 10k Analysis (40:00)

East Women's 10k Analysis (42:24)

East Men's 3k Steeple Analysis (45:09)

East Women's 3k Steeple Analysis (47:09)

West Men's 800 Meters Analysis (49:42)

West Women's 800 Meters Analysis (51:45)

West Men's 1500 Meters Analysis (52:42)

West Women's 1500 Meters Analysis (54:49)

West Men's 5k Analysis (56:32)

West Women's 5k Analysis (59:11)

West Men's 10k Analysis (1:01:10)

West Women's 10k Analysis (1:02:34)

West Men's 3k Steeple Analysis (1:04:50)

West Women's 3k Steeple Analysis (1:07:42)


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