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Blue Oval Podcast: 2022 Conference Weekend Analysis (Part One)

Ben has a newborn and Garrett is in the midst of a move, making a First Thoughts article a bit tricky on this conference weekend Saturday. Instead, your two favorite podcast hosts sat down late on Friday night to chat about the wild 800 meter prelims at the SEC Championships, the postseason-altering steeplechase performances at the ACC meet and key 10k results throughout the country. Listen up!

NOTE: This podcast was recorded on Friday night at 9:30 EST. Some results that occurred later in the evening, specifically at the PAC-12 Championships, happened after this episode was recorded.

Whitmarsh & Lamb Stun With Pair of 1:46 Marks (3:13)

Mercy Chelangat's Recent 10k & Her Postseason Chances (7:37)

Sam Voelz Fails to Make ACC Finals in 800 Meters (9:38)

Markezich's 9:45 Win & Emily Cole's Stunning PR (11:14)

Fleming's Marquee Steeple Win + Sado & Gardner (15:19)

Is Lauren Ryan Underrated? (19:13)

What Will Lopez Segura Pursue in the Postseason? (21:37)

Gabby Hentemann Wins 10k Title (24:39)

Matt Rizzo Doesn't Advance in BIG East 1500 Meter Final (25:47)

Mia Nahom Earns Promising Steeple Win in 9:52 (26:46)

Stokes' Wins BIG East Steeple Title + His Postseason Chances (27:53)

Jenna Magness' 10k Debut (30:51)

Morgan Beadlescomb's 10k Debut (35:10)

New Mexico Impresses By Going 1-2-3 in 10k (37:45)


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