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42 Q's

2018 Outdoor National Championships

Which distance runner had the greatest upset of the weekend?

Is Ben Flanagan's win the greatest underdog story in NCAA Championship history?

Is Sean McGorty's win the greatest comeback story in NCAA Championship history?

Future National Championships

Does this mean Grant Fisher will be the favorite to win the 5k next year?

Is Obsa Ali automatically the favorite to win the steeplechase next year?

Or will guys like Rotich, Grannetia, the BYU men, and the Syracuse duo rise to the top?

Is Oregon the early favorite to win the indoor DMR title in 2019?

Is there any team that could realistically stop them?


Does Stanford's back-to-back 5k titles (with different runners) make up for the lack of a national title in cross country?

What does BYU need to do in order to avenge their struggles at NCAA's?

Despite not winning this past weekend, has Josh Kerr done enough to be considered the greatest collegiate 1500 runner ever?

David Ribich is the greatest D2 runner in NCAA history...right?

Or is it Thomas Staines after running 1:45 in early June?

Going pro?

By the way, does this mean Staines will go pro now?

What else is left for Kerr to do in the collegiate scene?

If the answer is nothing, does this mean he'll go pro?

Will Isaiah Harris go pro after this season?

Will Michael Saruni go pro after this season?

If both go pro, who is the favorite to win the 800 title next year?

Will Coach Fox really leave Syracuse to start a group with Reebok?

If he did, would Justyn Knight actually consider joining that group?

Next year uncertainties

How will Colorado State perform in 2018-2019 after losing both Mock and Fischer in a single year?

How will Virginia Tech perform in 2018-2019 after losing Ciattei, Gourley, and Joseph in a single year?

Transfer talk

How will Matthew Harding adjust to Virginia Tech after transferring from UNC-Asheville?

With an All-American finish now on his resume, has Robert Brandt validated his transfer from Cal to UCLA?

Or does he need to do more?

If so, what exactly does he need to do?

Which JUCO & D2 stars will transfer to D1 this offseason?

What kind of impact will Arizona State's three newest transfers have?

Is Brody Smith, a transfer from Utah State, the missing piece Purdue needs to qualify for an NCAA Championship in cross country?

Coaching Situations

How long should we give Solinsky until we expect to see progress with Florida's distance runners?

Who will take over as coach for Washington?

For Texas?

Notre Dame?


Will Greg Metcalf ever have a job in coaching again?

Piecing Together Eligibility

Will Colorado's John Dressel be healthy enough to compete for the Buffs this fall?

Joe Klecker just ran 13:30 at the Portland Track Festival. Did his redshirt season mean he was saving eligibility or recovering from an injury? Both?

Will we ever see Soren Knudsen on the collegiate scene again?


Why did Morgan McDonald use eligibility and run only one collegiate race (where he didn't qualify for NCAA's) at the end of the spring track season?

Future plans

When will TSR start it's summer rankings?

Soon...and much more


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