2019 XC Top 50 Men: Update #3

Updated: Jan 13



Was not ranked the week before.


First number indicates how much the individual has moved in the rankings.

The second number indicates where they were ranked the week before.

50. Garrett Reynolds, Senior, UCLA (Unranked)

A 5th place finish at Dellinger followed by a strong 24th place finish at Nuttycombe was enough for Reynolds to snag the final spot in our rankings. He completes a very lethal UCLA trifecta next to Brandt and Burke.

49. Curt Eckstein, Junior, Purdue (-3 / 46)

48. Brodey Smith, Junior, Purdue (-3 / 45)

Smith finished 26th at Nuttycombe this past weekend while Eckstein finished 29th. There were a few runners who finished ahead of them, but none of them have been as consistently strong these two have been throughout the entirety of this season.

47. Waleed Suliman, Junior, Ole Miss (-3 / 44)

A 12th place finish at Pre-Nats. Not bad, not great, just respectable. I like that Suliman has proven that he can succeed at a venue other than a completely flat Notre Dame course. Other than that, I don't think there is much to evaluate here.

46. Kashon Harrison, Freshman, Colorado (Unranked)

45. Eduardo Herrera, Junior, Colorado (-7 / 38)

We expected Herrera to be the #3 runner for Colorado this past weekend at Pre-Nats, but instead it was the true freshman Kashon Harrison who secured a very impressive 11th place finish. Meanwhile, Herrera dropped back to 17th. Herrera's 14th place finish at Joe Piane was arguably more impressive while Harrison showed us that his performance at Notre Dame wasn't just beginners luck. He has shown some consistency so far and I like that about him.

44. Kieran Tuntivate, Senior, Harvard (-16 / 28)

Not a great day for Tuntivate. After dominating a strong Beantown field earlier in the season, the Harvard ace struggled this past weekend at Nuttycombe. Tuntivate finished 57th overall in a race where we predicted him to be in the top 20. It's a bit of an off-day, but I'm sure he'll rebound in the future.

43. Blaise Ferro, Rs. Junior, Northern Arizona (-28 / 15)

Tough race for Blaise Ferro who made his season debut for NAU this past weekend at Nuttycombe. He dropped to 70th place overall, but I'm not willing to completely drop him out of our rankings yet. Ferro is likely still shaking off the rust. I am sure we will see him post a stronger performance later this fall.

42. Drew Bosley, Freshman, Northern Arizona (Unranked)

I didn't think we would see Bosley this season because, well, they didn't really need him. Nonetheless, the true freshman rose to the occasion at Nuttycombe and earned himself an awesome 21st place finish. It looks like this might be the start of a very promising career for the Wisconsin native...

41. Amir Ado, Sophomore, Washington State (Unranked)

Really nice result for the Washington State sophomore. Chandler Tiegen was a nice low-stick for this team last year, but Ado has done plenty more than just fill his shoes. A 20th place finish at Nuttycombe makes Ado a fun sleeper pick to finish as an All-American come November.

40. Peter Seufer, Senior, Virginia Tech (-29 / 11)

A 19th place finish at Pre-Nats was not a great result for Seufer. However, I still can't forget about all of the incredible racing he did last fall and throughout the winter and spring. He is one of the more underrated tacticians in the NCAA and I think we're going to see that at the ACC Championships in a couple of weeks.

39. Andrew Jordan, Senior, Washington (+8 / 47)

This was an outstanding rebound race for Andrew Jordan. The Iowa State transfer earned a 7th place finish at Pre-Nats this past weekend in what was the only true bright spot for the Huskies on the day. His sub-par Beantown performance hasn't been forgotten (which is why he didn't vault up our rankings), but this is a great sign as we move into the postseason.

38. Johnjack Millar, Junior, Iona (Unranked)

37. Ehab El-Sandali, Junior, Iona (Unranked)

The one knock on Iona entering the fall of 2019 was that they didn't have any firepower...well, that was the one negative for them. Clearly, the Gaels were out to prove us wrong. El-Sandali posted a huge 6th place finish at Pre-Nats while Johnjack Millar finished 10th. That is a very impressive result and something to be proud of. Iona now has a very strong and formidable presence at the front of their lineup.

36. Athanas Kioko, Junior, Campbell (-28 / 8)

It's just so darn hard to gauge these types of talents. After throwing down a blistering 22:58 8k at the Louisville Classic and beating out the MTSU duo (as well as teammate Amon Kemboi), Kioko came back to down to Earth this past weekend at Pre-Nats. The newest Campbell star finished 22nd in a field where he should have been contending for the individual win. In a race where challenging terrain and tactics play a huge role, it seems like Kioko may only be able to boast raw fitness rather than strategy (but that's just speculation). Dropping him to #36 may seem a little harsh, but I just don't know what to think about him right now.

35. Colin Burke, Senior, UCLA (Unranked)

After a clutch 7th place finish at the Dellinger Invite, Burke has proven that he really can be part of a UCLA "Big Three" this season. He finished 18th at Nuttycombe this past weekend to act as the Bruins' second runner. He was a great postseason runner last year, but he has clearly stepped it up to a new level in 2019.

34. Ben Veatch, Junior, Indiana (+3 / 37)

I really liked seeing a 17th place finish from Veatch. He started out the season a little slow, falling to 5th at the Commodore Classic, but he has since rebounded by placing 11th at Joe Piane and now 17th at Nuttycombe. He probably should be a little higher, but I I think you could make an argument for everyone who is ranked ahead of him. Everyone who lost to Veatch at Wisconsin and is still ranked ahead of him at least dropped in our rankings.

33. George Kusche, Sophomore, Nebraska (+6 / 39)

A very strong 5th place finish at Pre-Nats doesn't necessarily surprise me, but it does show us that the incredible times we saw from Kusche this past winter and spring bode well for him on the grass. He is another sneaky good talent who could challenge Oliver Hoare for the BIG 10 title on the right day.

32. Peter Lynch, Junior, Tulsa (Unranked)

What an absolutely incredible race for Tulsa junior Peter Lynch. The Golden Hurricanes had an absolutely stunning 3rd place finish at Nuttycombe, and it all started with Lynch's 14th place individual finish. He's only at the #32 spot because I would like to see more consistency from him, but this is an incredible result for a guy who can now give Tulsa an identity at the front of races.

31. Jaret Carpenter, Senior, Purdue (-4 / 27)

Another race, another top performance for the Purdue veteran. I hate to drop him four spots, but a 22nd place finish just doesn't have the same spark that we saw from other runners. Nonetheless, his incredible consistency keeps him flirting with our top 30.

30. Brodey Hasty, Rs. Freshman, Northern Arizona (-4 / 26)

For whatever reason, Hasty didn't run at Nuttycombe despite his fellow redshirt freshmen teammates (Quax and Nur) still toeing the line. I'm not sure if NAU is just resting Hasty, but I don't love the idea that he was the only one sidelined this past weekend. I won't drop him too much in our rankings, but that's something to keep an eye on.

29. Ian Shanklin, Junior, NC State (0 / 29)

He dropped out of the race at Nuttycombe, but did so with a few other teammates. I'm not really sure what happened there, but much like Hatte, I'm not sure I can penalize Shanklin for not recording a result (especially since I don't think injuries were a factor).

28. Emmanuel Roudolff-Levisse, Senior, Portland (-8 / 20)

Roudolff-Levisse put together a solid performance at Nuttycombe, finishing 19th in his season debut. It's not at all a bad result, and I think he'll be better in the postseason, but really strong races from other runners forced him to drop a few spots for the time being.

27. Jacob Heslington, Rs. Senior, BYU (Unranked)

An 8th place finish at Bill Dellinger showed us that Heslington had the potential to be an ace for BYU this season, but his 4th place finish at Pre-Nats confirmed our suspicion. This was a really great result from the BYU veteran who finally has his chance to shine after being buried by a loaded roster for the past two years.

26. Yared Nuguse, Junior, Notre Dame (-4 / 22)

A 25th place finish at the Nuttycombe Invite wasn't great, but it also wasn't terrible. It shows us that Nuguse can be consistent on the big stage, but it also shows us that his 6th place finish at the Joe Piane Invite was likely boosted by the fact that he was on his home course and that the flatness of the course favored milers (like himself). Even so, I like Nuguse at the #26 spot.

25. Theo Quax, Rs. Freshman, Northern Arizona (-1 / 24)

A 16th place finish at Nuttycombe and his 4th place finish at John McNichols proves that his breakout outdoor track season this past spring wasn't just luck. His result this past weekend is on par with expectations so he doesn't really move that much.

24. James Mwaura, Sophomore, Gonzaga (+11 / 35)

I was initially a little worried about how Mwaura would perform at Nuttycombe. He is someone that is willing to push and make the race fast, and the Notre Dame course heavily favored that style. However, the rolling hills in Madison, Wisconsins didn't phase the Gonzaga sophomore. He locked down a strong 15th place finish to beat out a number of top-tier runners.

23. Ezekiel Kibichii, Freshman, Eastern Kentucky (+13 / 36)

Really nice 13th place finish at Nuttycombe to validate an excellent season opener at Joe Piane where he finished 9th. As it turns out, Kibichii really is EKU's next true low-stick. I like the consistency on big stages despite his youth. I don't know if he'll be the next Sugira, but at least he brings some scoring potency to the Colonels.

22. Ashenafi Hatte, Senior, Oklahoma State (-1 / 21)

He DNF'd at Pre-Nats. We probably should be more concerned about him, but I also struggle to penalize someone who didn't actually record a result. We'll see if he races at the BIG 12 Championships.

21. John Dressel, Rs. Senior, Colorado (-4 / 17)

An 8th place finish from Dressel at Pre-Nats wasn't bad by any means, but a few runners just had better performances than him (we think) this past weekend. Even so, Dressel is clearly a great low-stick for this team and he has proved that week in and week out.

20. Cooper Teare, Junior, Oregon (+11 / 31)

A 4th place finish at the Dellinger Invite was respectable, but a 12th place finish at Nuttycombe is what showed us that Teare can finally contend with the best of the best on the cross country course. He'll still need to perform on the national stage when it counts, but it's clear that the 13:32 5k fitness that we saw from him last fall has translated over to the grass.

19. Ryan Adams, Senior, Furman (Unranked)

Adams was super close from making our rankings after a 6th place finish at the Bill Dellinger Invite a few weeks ago. Now, after an incredible 11th place finish at the Nuttycombe Invite, Adams has validated himself as someone who is more than just a great miler. In fact, this result may actually make him a better cross country runner than anything else. He seems to be the perfect replacement for now-graduated low-stick Aaron Templeton.

18. Morgan Beadlescomb, Rs. Junior, Michigan State (Unranked)

After redshirting the 2018 cross country season, Beadlescomb is back to establish himself as one of the more under appreciated distance runners in the BIG 10 this fall. While most attention in the conference will be focusing on the team battle, Beadlescomb could be someone who dukes it out with Oliver Hoare, especially after his 7th place finish at the Nuttycombe Invite. We knew he was good, but this is a level of fitness that we have never seen from him before. I would like to see him put together another performance like this one more time to prove his talent, but I have a feeling that won't be too much of an issue for him.

17. Abdi Nur, Rs. Freshman, Northern Arizona (+8 / 25)

A 5th place finish at the John McNichols Invite and a 9th place finish at Nuttycombe. Abdi Nur has become one of the best young talents in the country and being able to perform at a high level on two huge stages is wildly impressive.

16. Kyle Mau, Senior, Indiana (0 / 16)

A 10th place finish is yet another strong performance for Mau. There were a few runners who beat him who are still ranked behind him, but the Indiana ace has been so darn consistent this season that it's really hard to drop him in our rankings right now. In each of his three meets, he's been a clear top finisher.

15. Geordie Beamish, Senior, Northern Arizona (+4 / 19)

An 8th place finish from Beamish at Nuttycombe is on par with what we expected. He's a veteran who has been here before and who showed a tremendous jump in fitness this past winter and spring.

14. Isai Rodriguez, Rs. Sophomore, Oklahoma State (Unranked)

We dropped Rodriguez from our last set of rankings, but after making his season debut at Pre-Nats this past weekend, he essentially jumps back to the same spot. His 3rd place finish is roughly what we expected, but more importantly, this race proves that his 4th place finish at the 2018 national meet was no fluke. Rodriguez is the real deal.

13. Kigen Chemadi, Rs. Junior, Mid. Tenn. State (0 / 13)

12. Jacob Choge, Rs. Junior, Mid. Tenn. State (+2 / 14)

They easily went 1-2 at the Arturos Barrios Invite. They didn't really beat anyone of note, but Choge did edge out Chemadi for the win, so he'll be given the nod for the #12 spot.

11. Alex Ostberg, Rs. Senior, Stanford (+7 / 18)

Ostberg didn't quite meet expectations at the John McNichols Invite, dropping to 7th place overall. That, however, may have been a minor fluke. The Stanford veteran dominated the field at Nuttycombe to earn a 3rd place finish, beating out teammate Thomas Ratcliffe who finished 4th. Ostberg brings back (some of) the scoring potency that the Cardinal were expected to have in the preseason.

10. Robert Brandt, Rs. Senior, UCLA (+2 / 12)

Robert Brandt continues to prove that he deserves to be in the conversation of the NCAA's most elite distance runners. His 6th place finish at Nuttycombe shows us that his challenge on Conner Mantz from earlier in the season at Bill Dellinger was no fluke.

9. Amon Kemboi, Junior, Campbell (+1 / 10)

After an underwhelming performance at the Louisville Classic, Kemboi bounced back for an excellent performance at Pre-Nats, finishing runner-up behind only Conner Mantz. This is the kind of result we were looking for from the Campbell junior.

8. Luis Grijalva, Junior, Northern Arizona (-1 / 7)

A huge 5th place finish has validated Grijlava as the clear leader and low-stick on a team that is loaded with elite talent and depth. His 3rd place finish from the John McNichols Invite paired with this result makes Grijalva a sneaky good sleeper pick for the national meet come November.

7. Joe Klecker, Rs. Senior, Colorado (-3 / 4)

The Colorado ace didn't have his best day in Terre Haute. The Buffalo senior finished 9th this past weekend at Pre-Nats in a rare off-day for him. I'm not going to analyze this finish too much. He is still very clearly a top talent.

6. Thomas Ratcliffe, Rs. Junior, Stanford (0 / 6)

No one has more raw talent than Thomas Ratcliffe and he now has consistent performances to prove that. After finishing 2nd at the John McNichols Invite, he placed 4th this past weekend behind Kurgat, Hoare, and teammate Alex Ostberg.

5. Oliver Hoare, Senior, Wisconsin (+4 / 9)

It may have been on his home course, but we shouldn't dismiss Olive Hoare's runner-up finish at the Nuttycombe Invite this past weekend. He pulled away from the rest of the field (with the exception of Kurgat) and validated himself as a legitimate cross country distance star.

4. Conner Mantz, Rs. Junior, BYU (+1 / 5)

Mantz continues to shine with his aggressive front-running style. He took down a strong field of individuals (Kemboi, Klecker, Dressel, Seufer, etc.) at Pre-Nats en route to a convincing win. He is clearly the top American in the NCAA right now.

3. Gilbert Kigen, Rs. Senior, Alabama (0 / 3)

2. Vincent Kiprop, Rs. Senior, Alabama (0 / 2)

1. Edwin Kurgat, Senior, Iowa State (0 / 1)

An easy, dominating win at Nuttycombe cements his spot as our undeniable #1 runner.


Kashon Harrison (Colorado)

Drew Bosley (Northern Arizona)

Amir Ado (Washington State)

Ehab El-Sandali (Iona)

Johnjack Millar (Iona)

Colin Burke (UCLA)

Peter Lynch (Tulsa)

Jacob Heslington (BYU)

Ryan Adams (Furman)

Morgan Beadlescomb (Michigan State)

Isai Rodriguez (Oklahoma State)

Garrett Reynolds (UCLA)


Danny Kilrea (Notre Dame)

Farah Abdulkarim (Ole Miss)

Talon Hull (Washington)

Dylan Jacobs (Notre Dame)

Emmanuel Cheboson (Louisville)

Addison DeHaven (Iowa State)

Tibebu Proctor (Washington)

Steven Fahy (Stanford)

Alek Parsons (Stanford)

Aidan Tooker (Syracuse)

Paul Roberts (Wyoming)

James West (Oregon)

JUST MISSED (in no order)

Emmanuel Cheboson (Louisville)

James West (Oregon)

Kasey Knevelbaard (Florida State)

Alex Masai (Hofstra)

Farah Abdulkarim (Ole Miss)

Addison DeHaven (Iowa State)

Dylan Jacobs (Notre Dame)

Ahmed Muhumed (Boise State)

Titus Cheruiyot (UTEP)

Christian Ricketts (Southern Utah)

Alek Parsons (Stanford)


Caleb Webb (Portland)

Evert Silva (Portland)

Christian Ricketts (Southern Utah)

Kenny Vasbinder (Columbia)

Conor Lundy (Princeton)

Brandon Garnica (BYU)

Jake Brophy (Navy)

Talon Hull (Washington)

Alec Basten (Minnesota)

Daniel Carney (BYU)

Nathan Mylenek (Iowa)

Miler Haller (Boise State)

Patrick Dever (Tulsa)


- If I had to pick a runner at the #31 spot, it would be James West. I really wanted to find room for both him and Garrett Reynolds in our rankings, but I just couldn't internally justify taking someone else out. I feel confident that West will be in our XC Top 50 after the PAC-12 Championships.

- Don't sleep on Alex Masai. The Hofstra distance star won Paul Short and just took home the win at the Princeton Invite. I want to see him take down a big name or two before he gets a spot in our XC Top 50, but I like what we have seen from him so far.

- There's a good chance that someone is going to be upset with our XC Top 50. That's just how it goes. For some context, we value consistency a lot, so even if Runner A beat Runner B by a few spots at a big meet this past weekend, we'll likely still take Runner B if they have been better throughout every other meet they have competed in this season. We also think Nuttycombe was more competitive than Pre-Nats this year. If someone finished 10th at Wisconsin, we valued that more than the 10th place finisher in Terre Haute (those are just examples).