2019 D2 XC Top 25 Women: Update #3

Updated: Jan 13



Was not ranked the week before.


First number indicates how much the individual has moved in the rankings. The second number indicates where they were ranked the week before.

25. Taylor Hestekin, Sophomore U-Mary (-5 / 20)

Did not race.

24. Alyssa Tatum, Sophomore, Western Colorado (Unranked)

Tatum had a phenomenal race at the Chile Pepper XC Festival. She ran a 17:29 for 34th place against a highly talented field and was the #3 runner for the Mountaineers. Earlier in the season, she was 25th at the Wyoming Invite in 19:05 and won the Mountaineer/Cowboy Invite in 18:34. She should be (and is) a consistent front-runner runner for Western Colorado and I think her progression so far through the season is setting her up for a solid performance at NCAA's.

23. Chloe Flora, Senior, Lee (-7 / 16)

22. Celine Ritter, Junior, Lee (-9 / 13)

Did not race.

21. Piper Meuwissen, Sophomore, Adams State (+3 / 24)

Meuwissen improves three places in our rankings after running a 20:59 for 64th place at Paul Short. While that may not necessarily be the most jaw-dropping result on paper, she still emerged as a top finisher in a field of over 360 runners that were nearly all from Division One programs. In a race like D2 Nationals, she would theoretically move up to a much better result (which is evident from her 33rd place finish at least year's national meet).

20. Starlynn Costa, Sophomore, U-Mary (-3 / 17)

Did not race.

19. Billie Hatch, Senior, Dixie State (+2 / 21)

Did not race.

18. Cait Savey, Sophomore, Augustana (S.D.) (-4 / 14)

Did not race.

17. Tiffany Christensen, Senior, Adams State (+8 / 25)

Christensen improves eight spots after a very solid performance at Paul Short. She ran a 20:31 for 24th place and was the #3 scorer for the Grizzlies. She has grown into a consistent, reliable scorer for a program that has maintained their powerhouse status. This was a very encouraging result for Christensen, especially for early October.

16. Madison Goen, Junior, Grand Valley State (-1 / 15)

Did not race.

15. Alexia Thiros, Sophomore, Western Colorado (Unranked)

Thiros enters the rankings after a 25th place finish in a time of 17:21 at the Chile Pepper XC Festival. This was a breakthrough performance for her, further establishing the idea that she could be a legitimate scoring threat for the Mountaineers this fall. Her previous 5k PR was 18:37 from the Wyoming Invite just three weeks ago. It will be interesting to see how the rest of her season plays out given her recent improvement.

14. Alexa Rodriguez, Freshman, Western Colorado (Unranked)

The freshman from Texas wasted no time in helping the Mountaineers this past weekend. She was their top finisher at the Chile Pepper XC Festival in a blistering 17:18 for 23rd place in a field that was stacked with top D1 talent (including TSR #1 Arkansas). If Rodriguez keeps performing like this, she could easily be the top freshman at the Big Dance.

13. Taryn Christy, Sophomore, Illinois Springfield (-9 / 4)

Did not race. Christy has not raced in a while and has only had one solid performance this season. For that reason, she has dropped nine places in the rankings. This doesn’t mean she won’t be back towards the top soon, but right now she is a question mark.

12. Jessica Gockley, Senior, GVSU (0 / 12)

Did not race.

11. Zoe Baker, Sophomore, Colorado Mines (-2 / 9)

10. Chloe Cook, Senior, Colorado Mines (-2 / 8)

Did not race.

9. Claire Boersma, Junior, Augustana (S.D.) (+1 / 10)

Did not race.

8. Kayla Wooten, Senior, UCCS (+3 / 11)

Did not race.

7. HaLeigh Hunter-Galvan, Senior, Adams State (+12 / 19)

Hunter-Galvan moves up a shocking 12 places in our rankings after her phenomenal 20th place finish at Paul Short. She was the #2 scorer on her team and should be a consistent low-stick moving forward. She ran an impressive 20:24 for 6000 meters and has continued the momentum from her 8th place finish in the 5k and 4th place finish in the steeplechase this past spring at NCAA's. It's hard to find a flaw in a runner who has been riding some seriously impressive momentum for the past five months or so.

6. Leah Hanle, Senior, Mount Olive (+1 / 7)

Hanle was one of the few runners to race this past weekend and her strong performance moves her up to the #6 spot. She placed 19th at Paul Short in 20:23, a much faster time than her first race of the season. Hanle has a lot of potential moving into the latter end of the fall and seems to excel in more competitive races. She is typically very strong in the postseason and we should not be surprised if she ends up peaking at the right time like she did this past outdoor track season.

5. Hanna Groeber, Junior, Grand Valley State (0 / 5)

Did not race.

4. Ida Narbuvoll, Senior, U-Mary (+2 / 6)

Did not race.

3. Kaylee Mitchell, Sophomore, Seattle Pacific (0 / 3)

Did not race.

2. Allie Ludge, Senior, Grand Valley State (-1 / 1)

Did not race.

1. Eilish Flanagan, Senior, Adams State (+1 / 2)

Flanagan dominated Paul Short, winning the race in a new course record of 19:37. She managed to hold off two-time NCAA D1 All-American Jessica Drop and several other extremely talented runners. She had a slow start to the season, but she made it known that she is on a new level this fall and has her eyes on the title. It's hard to deny her the #1 spot after a performance like that...


Alexa Rodriguez (Western Colorado)

Alexia Thiros (Western Colorado)

Alyssa Tatum (Western Colorado)


Layla Almaris (UCCS)

Roisin Flanagan (Adams State)

Stephanie Cotter (Adams State)

JUST MISSED (in no particular order)

Kayla Ogle (U-Mary)

Madeline Geesen (Colorado Mines)

Jennifer Comastri (Southern Indiana)

Emmanuelah Chelimo (Alaska Anchorage)

Morgan Molesworth (Colorado Mines)

Layla Almaris (UCCS)

HONORABLE MENTIONS (in no particular order)

Kaylee Bogina (Adams State)

Brianna Robles (Adams State)

Katie Doucette (Western Colorado)

Kate Lilly (Seattle Pacific)