2019 D2 XC Top 25 Women: Update #2

Updated: Jan 13



Was not ranked the week before.


First number indicates how much the individual has moved in the rankings.

The second number indicates where they were ranked the week before.

25. Tiffany Christensen, Senior, Adams State (-5 / 20)

24. Piper Meuwissen, Sophomore, Adams State (-5 / 19)

23. Stephanie Cotter, Sophomore, Adams State (-5 / 18)

Did not race.

22. Layla Almaris, Sophomore, UCCS (+1 / 23)

Layla Almaris had another solid performance this past weekend after placing 8th at Roy Griak in 22:55. That's a really nice result and something that she should be rewarded for, but we're only moving her up one spot due to the results that we've seen from other runners.

21. Billie Hatch, Senior, Dixie State (Unranked)

Hatch enters the rankings after placing 10th at the Capital Cross Challenge in 20:55. She has personal records of 35:47 in the 10k and 17:37 in the 5k from this past track season, but she seems to be having a breakout season this fall.

20. Taylor Hestekin, Sophomore, U-Mary (-4 / 16)

Hestekin drops four places after placing 53rd at Roy Griak. She barely made the top five for her team, but it could just be a bad race on a tough course. Her past performances tell us that she will be better, but this wasn't a great race to have on her resume this early in the season.

19. HaLeigh Hunter-Galvan, Senior, Adams State (-6 / 13)

18. Roisin Flanagan, Senior, Adams State (-8 / 10)

Did not race.

17. Starlynn Costa, Sophomore, U-Mary (Unranked)

Costa infiltrates our rankings after a fantastic 6th place finish at Roy Griak in 22:42. She ran 14:19 for 4000 meters at the MSU-Moorhead Dragon Invitational earlier in the season and that result may have given her the spark that she needed to run like she did at Griak. Could U-Mary have yet another star low-stick in the making?

16. Chloe Flora, Senior, Lee (-5 / 11)

Flora drops five places after a 3rd place finish at the Trevecca Nazarene DII Showcase in 17:53. It was a solid performance, but a handful of other runners stood out a little bit more. Don't think too heavily into this rankings drop, Flora still ran well.

15. Madison Goen, Junior, Grand Valley State (0 / 15)

Goen improves maintains her position in our Top 25 after her 37th place finish at the Ohio State Buckeye Preview in 22:03. While a 37th place finish does not seem great, this meet was filled with top Division I talent. Relatively speaking, this was actually a very strong result.

14. Cait Savey, Sophomore, Augustana (S.D.) (Unranked)

Cait Savey is another surprise in our rankings. She made herself known by placing 5th at Roy Griak in 22:41. The Vikings stunned us with their standout team performance this past weekend and Savey is a big reason why they had so much success.

13. Celine Ritter, Junior, Lee (-1 / 12)

Ritter won the Trevecca Nazarene DII Showcase in 17:37. It's a really solid result and although the field wasn't necessarily top-heavy, it was still somewhat deep. She may be dropping in the rankings (by a spot), but Ritter's win should not be discounted as unimportant. It was a very encouraging victory.

12. Jessica Gockley, Senior, GVSU (Unranked)

Gockley enters the rankings after being shadowed by her teammates. She placed 32nd at the Ohio State Buckeye Preview in 21:56. She was 16th at the MSU Spartan Invite earlier in the season and should be a consistent scorer for the Lakers moving forward. She has been able to hold her own in two meets that have been headlined by a handful of top D1 programs. Don't overlook Gockley on this overwhelmingly strong GVSU team.

11. Kayla Wooten, Senior, UCCS (+3 / 14)

Wooten improves three places in our rankings after a 3rd place finish at Roy Griak in 22:34. It would not surprise me if we saw Wooten improve each and every week this season. She was 11th at NCAA's last year, so we know that she can peak at the right time. After an underwhelming start to the season, this was a very nice rebound race for her.

10. Claire Boersma, Junior, Augustana (S.D.) (Unranked)

Boersma enters the rankings thanks to a huge 2nd place finish at Roy Griak in 22:28. This seemed to be a monumental breakthrough performance for her, so we’ll see if she can continue her momentum throughout the rest of the season. Consistency will be a key aspect to watch from her.

9. Zoe Baker, Sophomore, Colorado Mines (-1 / 8)

8. Chloe Cook, Senior, Colorado Mines (+1 / 9)

Teammates Baker and Cook switch spots this week after Baker placed 8th and Cook placed 3rd at the Capital Cross Challenge. Another solid performance by the Oredigger duo brought them the team title. Look out for these two as the season progresses.

7. Leah Hanle, Senior, Mount Olive (-1 / 6)

Did not compete.

6. Ida Narbuvoll, Senior, U-Mary (+1 / 7)

Ida Narbuvoll dominated Griak. She won the race with an impressive mark of 21:24 on a very tough course. She improves only one place this week, but Narbuvoll has put herself in a position to improve dramatically later in the season with another performance like this.

5. Hanna Groeber, Junior, Grand Valley State (-2 / 3)

Groeber ran well this past weekend after a 24th place finish at the Ohio State Buckeye Preview. However, a different name at the #3 spot knocks her down to #5 in our rankings. With two solid performances and a 6th place finish from last year, it would surprise me if Groeber finished outside the top five at Nationals.

4. Taryn Christy, Sophomore, Illinois Springfield (0 / 4)

Did not compete.

3. Kaylee Mitchell, Sophomore, Seattle Pacific (+2 / 5)

Mitchell has carried her momentum into October after winning the Capital Cross Challenge in 20:30. This performance bumped her up #3 in our rankings. She continues to solidify herself as a legitimate national contender while simultaneously acting as the backbone for a respectable Seattle Pacific team.

2. Eilish Flanagan, Senior, Adams State (0 / 2)

Did not compete.

1. Allie Ludge, Senior, Grand Valley State (0 / 1)

Ludge maintains her top spot after a 7th place finish at the Ohio State Buckeye Preview in 21:10. She finished at the front of the pack against some high-level Division I runners and had another impressive time. Ludge seems to be on her way to a national title...


Claire Boersma (Augustana (S.D.))

Jessica Gockley (Grand Valley State)

Cait Savey (Augustana (S.D.))

Starlynn Costa (U-Mary)

Billie Hatch (Dixie State)


Emmanuelah Chelimo (Alaska Anchorage)

Kaylee Bogina (Adams State)

Madeline Geesen (Colorado Mines)

Nancy Jeptoo (Alaska Anchorage)

Bre Bakan (Walsh)

JUST MISSED (in no particular order)

Kayla Ogle (U-Mary)

Madeline Geesen (Colorado Mines)

Jennifer Comastri (Southern Indiana)

Kaylee Bogina, Senior (Adams State)

Emmanuelah Chelimo (Alaska Anchorage)

Morgan Molesworth (Colorado Mines)

HONORABLE MENTIONS (in no particular order)

Charlee Boxall (Lee)

Nancy Jeptoo (Alaska Anchorage)

Haylee Waterfall (Augustana (S.D.))

Nicollete Schmidt (Augustana (S.D.))

Rachel Rairdon (Augustana (S.D.))

Kate Lilly (Seattle Pacific)