WOMEN - Week 13 (2/25)

Conversion Key

@: Altitude 

#: Flat-track 

What is this?

During the indoor track season, the NCAA sends the top 16 individuals to NCAA's in each open event (and 12 for each relay). Although someone may be in the top 16 for a certain event, they may choose not to run it so that they can pursue a different race. This is called a "scratch". That means the next fastest individual in that event would be given the opportunity to compete in that race. 


Trying to project who will qualify and scratch in certain events is not an easy task. That's why TSR has created the Scratch Tracker. This will show the top names in each event to show which individuals that we project will run, double, or scratch based on current standings.

Keep in mind that an individual will be projected to "double" or "triple" if they are also projected to run in the DMR.

An individual can be qualified for NCAA's in one individual event and still be considered doubling if they run the DMR.

We have decided to hold off on giving our DMR projections, an event that has drastic changes in the national standings in the last meet of the regular season.

Although the top 16 names entered in each event are selected to go to Nationals, we opted to add the next fastest men. These are the first few names who will have theoretically missed qualifying for NCAA's should the season end today. Be sure to keep an eye on these names as the season unfolds...