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The Plan Moving Forward

It was an exciting season of cross country. There were plenty of surprises, a lot to discuss, and the winner on both the team and individual side wasn't easy to choose. In my opinion, it was one of the better seasons of competition that we've had in a while.

Nonetheless, it's time to transition away from an exciting fall season and begin our talks about winter track!

So what's the plan for The Stride Report over the next couple of weeks? We've got a few things in store...

- Event previews for all distance events are coming your way! That means discussion on the 800 to the 5k and yes, even the DMR.

- The addition of new writers! We've got a couple of new guys waiting to put out some new material...

- More featured stories like our Trust The Process and Stanford's Change of Pace

- A potential change from the KOLAS page. We're unsure what exactly that page will be in the future, so send in those suggestions.

We've got a lot of new things planned for the future, so stay patient with us as we make our transition from XC to track! Great content is coming your way. Until then, feel free to look back at our article archives!

Our first event preview is coming tomorrow! Stay tuned!


The Stride Report Crew


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