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The Blue Oval Podcast: Nuguse's Record, Orton Is Peaking & Crazy Fast Steeple Times

After some technical difficulties last week, the guys return to action to analyze all of the conference week action. Ben and Garrett chat about the incredible progression of Brandon Miller, the explosion of top steeple marks, Orton's and Wayment's monster 5k times and Nuguse's collegiate record...

Crazy Fast Steeple Times (ACC + Kiptoo) (4:04)

Isaiah Jewett's Win & Heymach's Double (10:34)

Davis' Tactical Win, Basten vs Mylenek & Kohut-Jackson's Rise (14:24)

Bizimana & Lagat's DQ (19:00)

Brandon Miller's Recent Dominance & Kipsang's All-Out Efforts (22:24)

Krissy Gear: Steeple or 1500 (27:22)

Meyer & Nuguse's 1500 Runs at the ACC Championships (31:52)

Orton's & Wayment's Incredible 5k Times (37:08)

Jack Salisbury is Underrated (39:32)

Mahala Norris' Double Win (41:38)

Harvard's Surprisingly Strong Weekend (43:02)

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