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The Blue Oval Podcast: End of Year Awards & Freshman Class Rankings Analysis

Another week, another excellent podcast on tap! Ben and Garrett reminisce about their favorite NCAA moments from 2021 and later breakdown the final portions of TSR's men's and women's D1 Freshman Class Rankings. With even more "welcome back" rust shaken off, this episode is set to be a great one...

Best Moment of 2021 (4:13)

Favorite Race of 2021 (10:15)

2021 Runner of the Year (20:44)

Where Should We Have Ranked the BYU Freshmen Women? (29:33)

Virginia's Lethal Middle Distance Women Superstars (32:22) Ranking Oregon's Freshmen Men at TSR #1 & the Argument for UNC (35:21)

The Wild Firepower of Virginia's Freshmen Men (40:24)

Stanford's Underappreciated Freshman Class (45:07)


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