NEWS: NCAA Announces Winter XC National Selection Criteria

Earlier today, the NCAA Division One Competition Oversight Committee approved team and individual selection criteria for the NCAA D1 National Cross Country Championships. The national meet is currently expected to take place on March 15th in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

As expected, the NCAA Regional Championships will be eliminated. Instead, conference championship performances will be given "the most weight" in terms of team qualification. However, a team's "body of work" will be considered when reviewing their results "regardless of the time of year they occurred."

The committee stated that they will use common opponents and head-to-head matchups (against Division One competition) "only" when comparing teams. Differentiating between "A" teams and "B" teams when evaluating programs will no longer be considered for championship selection purposes.

Teams will only need to compete once during the season in order to be considered for a spot at the NCAA Championships.

As for individuals, the top runner at each conference meet who is not on a national qualifying team will be selected to run at the NCAA Championships. Based on this criteria, 32 runners will be able to qualify for the national meet, although that will depend on how many conferences host a championship meet according to the release.

The committee will then select runners at large "to fill the field to 38" runners. That would include athletes who did not have the opportunity to race at a conference championship.

You can read the NCAA's full announcement by clicking here.

Based on the committee's announcement, The Stride Report is under the belief that there will not be a specific formula or calculation (such as the Kolas method) that will be used for national qualifying purposes this winter.