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NEWS: BIG 10 to "Postpone" Fall Athletics

After days of speculation, the BIG 10 officially announced today that they will be postponing all fall athletics for the upcoming semester due to ongoing concerns surrounding the Coronavirus. The conference will explore competitive opportunities in the spring of 2021 for the fall sports that are affected by this decision.

The decision from the BIG 10 now puts immense pressure on other major conferences -- specifically those in the Power Five -- to follow suit. Rumors and unconfirmed reports have suggested that other conferences such as the PAC-12 are also considering pushing fall athletics to the spring.

Last month, both the BIG 10 and the PAC-12 had adopted conference-only schedules for fall sports.

All eyes now shift to the PAC-12, ACC, BIG 12 and SEC as the country awaits to see if they will make a similar decision to that of the BIG 10, or move forward with competition in the fall of 2020.


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