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INTERVIEWS: Grace Hartman, Margot Appleton, Shannon Flockhart, Kimberley May, Jesse Hamlin, Anna Workman, Amaris Tyynismaa, Amina Maatoug, Klaudia O'Malley & More (Raleigh Relays Day Two)


Interviews conducted via Donny Speas


If you thought the first day of Raleigh Relays gave us a lot of great interviews, then you're going to love our entire library of interviews from day two! Go check out all of our post-race chats from the women's distance races after a fantastic and entertaining Friday evening of performances.

In the meantime, you can find a few of our favorite interviews from day two below. Be sure to subscribe to The Stride Report's YouTube channel and leave a like and comment on our videos as well!



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