D2 Outdoor Top 20: Update #5 (Men)



Was not ranked the week before


First number indicates the change in a runner's ranking from week prior

Second number indicates where the runner was ranked last week

20. Rowan Doherty, Simon Fraser (-4 / 16)

Doherty didn’t race this weekend as he preps for conference. However, Doherty has fallen outside of the top 18 on the TFRRS list. I don’t think there is anything to worry about as he should get in with his current time, but we’ll keep an eye on him as the weeks go by.

19. Pierre-Louis Detourbe, Simon Fraser (0 / 19)

Detourbe was also idle this weekend as he gets ready for the GNAC Championships this upcoming weekend. He’s still a strong contender in the steeplechase.

18. Jake Mitchem, Colorado Mines (+2 / 20)

Mitchem finished 2nd in the steeplechase this past weekend at the RMAC Championships. In a preview of athletes who will be at the national meet, it’s a strong showing for the Oredigger. Mitchem was out-kicked by Black Hills State’s Jonah Theisen who looks to be getting back to strong form.

17. Christian Noble, Lee (Tenn.) (+1 / 18)

An idle weekend for Noble. He’s prepping for his conference meet as well.

16. Luke Julian, Colorado Mines (+1 / 17)

Julian had a strong showing this weekend at the RMAC Championships. He won the 1500 in a time of 3:55 and was a second ahead of his teammate. We expected this kind of performance (and win) from Julian when you consider that Elias Gedyon didn’t make the trip to South Dakota.

15. Ayman Zahafi, TAMU-Kingsville (-1 / 14)

Idle weekend for Zahafi after a strong showing last week at Fred J. Duckett.

14. Devundrick Walker, CSU-Pueblo (-1 / 13)

Walker won the 800 meters this past weekend, giving him his first conference title. With his teammate Staines opting for the 400, it was Walker’s to lose and he made sure he didn’t as he finished ahead of 2nd place by almost a second and a half with his time of 1:52.32. He only falls in the rankings because of strong showings from others.

13. Victor Moreau, Academy of Art (-1 / 12)

Moreau followed up a strong Bryan Clay performance with 1st and 2nd place performances at the PacWest Conference Championships. His 2nd place finish came in the 1500 where he was upset by Notre Dame de Namur’s Jason Gomez by just six-tenths of a second. He came back later in the day to win the 5000 meters in a time of 15:00. This was a strong conference performance for Moreau who likely will see the same type of double at Nationals.

12. Brett Meyer, Fort Hays State (-1 / 11)

Meyer traveled to the Drake Relays this weekend to give a go at a full mile on a 400 meter track. What came of it was a 4th place finish and a time of 4:07. He was the only collegiate in the field and it certainly gave him even more experience on the big stage.

11. Taylor Stack, Western Colorado (-3 / 8)

I'm sure that a 3rd place finish in the 3000 steeplechase isn’t exactly what Stack had in mind heading into the conference meet. That being said, when you're facing four national caliber talents at once, it’s hard to be disappointed in the performance. He came back on Sunday to run the 5000 and finished in 4th place behind another strong field. Stack falls back due to head-to-head losses against athletes in these rankings.

10. Leakey Kipkosgei, American International (+5 / 15)

Kipkosgei posted a HUGE time of 8:44 in the Penn Relays steeplechase. He was 2nd only to Indiana’s Daniel Michalski. Kipkosgei was listed on the TFRRS page with the fastest time this year, but has since been taken off. Don't worry, though. We were able to confirm that his absence in the TFRRS rankings is a simple technical issue that is currently being fixed. As of now, he’s become almost the immediate favorite in the event. This also might signal that we could see the senior in more than just one event later this month.

9. Josh Hoskinson, Colorado Mines (0 / 9)

Hoskinson was in the aforementioned 5000 and took home the bronze medal. He ran 14:29 and finished only a second off of the winner. It was the only race for Hoskinson and it’s his second straight year of finishing in 3rd. He stays put at #9 in our rankings for this week.

8. Marcelo Laguera, CSU-Pueblo (+2 / 10)

Laguera was the winner of the RMAC 5000 from this past weekend. The Thunderwolf senior ran 14:28 to out-kick Hoskinson and Moran of Colorado Mines. He continues his strong season and looks to be in prime position heading into the national meet.

7. Dennis Mbuta, Grand Valley State (0 / 7)

Idle weekend for Mbuta as he gets ready for the GLIAC Championships.

6. Felix Wammetsberger, Queens (N.C.) (0 / 6)

Wammetsberger helped pace his teammate Seb Anthony to a sub-1:50 mark in the 800.

5. Daniel Wallis, Queens (N.C.) (0 / 5)

Wallis helped pace his teammate Seb Anthony to a sub-1:50 mark in the 800.

4. Elias Gedyon, Adams State (0 / 4)

Gedyon didn’t make the trip to his conference championship this weekend (he'll be racing at Payton Jordan).

3. Thomas Staines, CSU-Pueblo (0 / 3)

The national 800 meter favorite opted of that event for the 400 last weekend at his conference meet. Low and behold, Staines walked away with gold medal in the event. After running 48.73 on the first day, he bounced back with a 47.89 on day two to win by seven-tenths of a second. He also helped the Thunderwolf 4x400 team take home gold as well.

2. Sydney Gidabuday, Adams State (0 / 2)

Gidabuday didn’t make the trip to his conference championship this weekend (he'll be racing at Payton Jordan).

1. Zach Panning, Grand Valley State (0 / 1)

Idle weekend for Panning as he gets ready for the GLIAC Championships.


1. Thomas Staines (CSU-Pueblo)

2. Dennis Mbuta (Grand Valley State)

3. Devundrick Walker (CSU-Pueblo)

4. Ayman Zahafi (TAMU-Kingsville)

5. Shaquille Dill (St. Augustines)


1. Daniel Wallis (Queens (N.C.))

2. Felix Wammetsberger (Queens (N.C.))

3. Elias Gedyon (Adams State)

4. Brett Meyer (Fort Hays State)

5. Victor Moreau (Academy of Art)

3000 Steeplechase

1. Leakey Kipkosgei (American International)

2. Taylor Stack (Western Colorado)

3. Christian Noble (Lee (Tenn.))

4. Pierre-Louis Detourbe (Simon Fraser)

5. Jake Mitchem (Colorado Mines)


1. Zach Panning (Grand Valley State)

2. Sydney Gidabuday (Adams State)

3. Elias Gedyon (Adams State)

4. Josh Hoskinson (Colorado Mines)

5. Ruben Dominguez (Cal Poly Pomona)


1. Zach Panning (Grand Valley State)

2. Marcelo Laguera (CSU-Pueblo)

3. Tom Goforth (Saginaw Valley State)

4. Stetson Rayas (Dallas Baptist)

5. Jack Mastandrea (Charleston (W.V.))