D2 Outdoor Top 20: Update #3 (Men)



Was not ranked the week before


First number indicates the change in a runner's ranking from week prior

Second number indicates where the runner was ranked last week

20. Jake Mitchem, Colorado Mines (0 / 20)

No races for Mitchem this past weekend.

19. Pierre-Louis Detourbe, Simon Fraser (0 / 19)

No races for Detourbe this past weekend.

18. Benoit Campion, American International (-1 / 17)

Benoit headed to the UCONN Northeast Challenge this past weekend to get some speed work in as he ran the 800. After running it twice during the indoor season, he dropped almost five-tenths of a second off his PR by running 1:52.82. It's a good showing for the freshman and it certainly speaks to his ability to close in longer distances.

17. Ayman Zahafi, TAMU-Kingsville (+1 / 18)

The sophomore from Kingsville took his talents to Miami over the weekend where he took home the win by a second and was the only athlete to dip underneath the 1:50 barrier. In doing so, he set a new personal best running 1:49.78. That’s also good enough for the #2 fastest time that D2 has seen this season. He only moves up a single spot for now as the talent in front of him is simply too great and he still only competes in one event.

16. Luke Julian, Colorado Mines (-1 / 15)

No races for Julian this past weekend.

15. Devundrick Walker, CSU-Pueblo (-1 / 14)

No races for Walker this past weekend.

14. Leakey Kipkosgei, American International (+2 / 16)

Shall I triple down on my words from last week about Kipkosgei being good in what feels like every event? Kipkosgei went with his teammate Campion to the UCONN Northeast Challenge where he took home the win in the 800. While it’s nowhere near his personal best, his time of 1:51.45 is still significant. It’s the #16 fastest time so far this year and if he chose to race it a couple more times, I’m sure we could see him dip back under the 1:50 mark.

13. Victor Moreau, Academy of Art (0 / 13)

No races for Moreau this past weekend.

12. Rowan Doherty, Simon Fraser (0 / 12)

No races for Doherty this past weekend.

11. Brett Meyer, Fort Hays State (0 / 11)

No races for Meyer this past weekend.

10. Marcelo Laguera, CSU-Pueblo (0 / 10)

No races for Laguera this past weekend.

9. Taylor Stack, Western Colorado (-1 / 8)

No races for Stack this past weekend.

8. Josh Hoskinson, Colorado Mines (+1 / 9)

We finally got to see Hoskinson debut after his strong performance at Nationals. He opted for the 1500 this time around and he reminded of us what he is capable of doing at the shorter distances. The former miler ran 3:51.76 at the Kit Mayer Invitational. After the altitude conversion, he has the #6 fastest time in the country with a time of 3:45.55. I’m not entirely sure if this is something that he wants to pursue at the national level, but it certainly gives us reason to believe he’d be in the mix at the 1500 and likely the 5000 given the way championship racing works.

7. Dennis Mbuta, Grand Valley State (-2 / 5)

No races for Mbuta this past weekend.

6. Elias Gedyon, Adams State (-3 / 3)

No races for Gedyon this past weekend.

5. Felix Wammetsberger, Queens (N.C.) (+1 / 6)

The reigning indoor mile champ took aim at the 1500 this weekend and with quick pacing, found himself finishing 7th at the Bison Outdoor Classic. He ran 3:45.99 and ran the #2 fastest raw time in the country. That being said, with all the altitude conversions, he now currently sits at #8 on the TFRRS list. In Wammetsberger’s case, despite his success, he wasn’t even the fastest Queens athlete this weekend (see below). Regardless, his performance showed us that Indoor Nationals was no fluke, and that Wammetsberger likely isn’t done making a name for himself this season.

4. Zach Panning, Grand Valley State (0 / 4)

No races for Panning this past weekend.

3. Daniel Wallis, Queens (N.C.) (+2 / 7)

As I mentioned above, the fastest man from Queens this past weekend was Mr. Wallis. The senior took ahold of the race with 700 meters to go and never looked back. After a quick shout at the pacer, Wallis was on his way to a four second personal best with a time of 3:43.81. It’s the fastest raw time in the country and moves him into the #3 position on TFRRS. Wallis was certainly fine to finish 2nd in the mile to his teammate at Indoor Nationals, but I’m sure he’d love to take home a title of his own this year and he certainly looks to be in shape to do so.

2. Thomas Staines, CSU-Pueblo (0 / 2)

No races for Staines this past weekend.

1. Sydney Gidabuday, Adams State (0 / 1)

No races for Gidabuday this past weekend.


1. Thomas Staines (CSU-Pueblo)

2. Dennis Mbuta (Grand Valley State)

3. Devundrick Walker (CSU-Pueblo)

4. Ayman Zahafi (TAMU-Kingsville)

5. Joshua Ajiero (Albany State)


1. Daniel Wallis (Queens (N.C.))

2. Felix Wammetsberger (Queens (N.C.))

3. Elias Gedyon (Adams State)

4. Brett Meyer (Fort Hays State)

5. Victor Moreau (Academy of Art)

3000 Steeplechase

1. Pierre-Louis Detourbe (Simon Fraser)

2. Jake Mitchem (Colorado Mines)

3. Edwin Kangogo (Alaska Anchorage)

4. Christian Noble (Lee (Tenn.))

5. Jacob Domagalski (Grand Valley State)


1. Sydney Gidabuday (Adams State)

2. Zach Panning (Grand Valley State)

3. Josh Hoskinson (Colorado Mines)

4. Gidieon Kimutai (Missouri Southern)

5. Ruben Dominguez (Cal Poly Pomona)


1. Zach Panning (Grand Valley State)

2. Marcelo Laguera (CSU-Pueblo)

3. Sydney Gidabuday (Adams State)

4. Stetson Rayas (Dallas Baptist

5. Jack Mastrandrea (Charleston W.V.)