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BREAKING: Princeton & Gonzaga File an Appeal to the NCAA

Last Update - 10:37pm EST (11/19)


THIS JUST IN: The Stride Report has learned that the NCAA has rejected the national qualifying appeal from Gonzaga and Princeton


The Stride Report has confirmed with multiple sources from around the country, including one source close to the situation, that both Gonzaga and Princeton have filed an appeal to the NCAA in regards to the team selections that were made for the 2019 Cross Country National Championships.

The appeal follows Saturday's announcement of the at-large national qualifying bids which were made by the NCAA Selection Committee. It is unclear as to when the appeal was filed.

The appeal likely stems from the lack of clarity surrounding a rule that the NCAA adopted in 2019 which states that meet directors should show/record DNF's (Did Not Finish) in race results.

Earlier this season, the NC State men recorded a DNF at the Nuttycombe Invite with only three of their top seven runners finishing the race. The other four dropped out.

If NC State's DNF was put into the Nuttycombe Invite results - and more importantly considered as a last place finish in the eyes of the NCAA Selection Committee - all of the teams that finished the race would have earned a Kolas point.

As a result, Gonzaga and Princeton would have qualified for Nationals.

Alabama and Florida State would not have.

It is also important to note that NCAA cross country qualifying rules indicate that in order to earn a Kolas point, the team who is giving away the Kolas point must have run at least four of their top seven runners at their respective regional meet in order for the point to count towards national qualification.

NC State had only three runners from their regional lineup cross the line at Nuttycombe, technically making that lineup a "B" team in the eyes of the NCAA Selection Committee (despite NC State not actually finishing the race). Therefore, neither Gonzaga nor Princeton would earn an additional Kolas point if the NCAA chooses to cite this rule.

The Stride Report has been told that a decision in response to the appeal is expected to be made by tomorrow morning (11/20), but that is still unconfirmed.


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