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BREAKING: 2020 D2 NCAA XC Championships Cancelled

Earlier today, the NCAA Division II Presidents Council announced that all seven 2020 fall championships, which includes the NCAA D2 XC Championships, have been cancelled. The decision stems from concerns surrounding the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and follows a similar announcement from the Division III Presidents Council which was also made earlier today.

A handful of conferences at the Division II level had already cancelled fall athletics for this year while others implemented delays in competition.

The Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) -- the top D2 conference in the NCAA when it comes to developing elite distance talents -- had announced that they were returning to competition on September 18th. Meanwhile, the GLIAC (another major D2 conference) decided to adopt a conference-only schedule for their fall sports this year.

It is unclear what the status of these conferences (and others) will be following today's announcement.

The 2020 NCAA D2 XC Championships were expected to be held on November 21st at the Angel Mounds State Historic Site in Evansville, Indiana.

At the time of publication, Division I fall championships have not been cancelled.


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