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Blue Oval Podcast: The Hardest XC Runners to Rank

Ben and Garrett are back at it again with an episode full of previews for our cross country individual rankings! The boys kick off the podcast with news that Notre Dame has hired Chris Neal while UConn has nabbed Beth Alford-Sullivan.

Ben and Garrett then take a dive into some sneak peeks of the much anticipated XC Top 50 rankings by looking at the most challenging sections to rank, who may have been robbed and the hardest athletes to rank. As always, this is a must listen!

Chris Neal to Notre Dame (2:23)

Beth Alford-Sullivan to UConn (5:32)

Most Debatable XC Rankings (8:51)

Most Likely to Stay in the Top 50 (15:02)

Irrational Top 50 Favorites (18:42)

Who Was Robbed (24:57)

Hardest Runners to Rank (32:44)


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