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Blue Oval Podcast: BYU Takes Down Powerhouses & Is Natalie Cook A Title Contender?

Ben and Garrett are back on the mics this week with analysis on the biggest race of the year so far! This week, the guys break down the Cowboy Jamboree by going through both the team and individual performances, including winners, potential concerns and outlooks for teams after the meet. Listen up!

Cowboy Jamboree Introduction (3:05)

NAU Women (5:27)

Natalie Cook (9:13)

Oklahoma State Women (12:27)

BYU Men (14:05)

Men's Cause for Concern (16:29)

Women's Cause for Concern (23:57)

Utah Valley vs Syracuse Women (28:25)

Arkansas Women (31:15)

Harvard Men (33:06)

Syracuse Men (35:57)

Gonzaga Men (37:13)

Key Pieces That Did Not Run (39:12)

Air Force Men (41:00)

BYU Women (43:20)

Stanford Women (45:37)

Kentucky Women (46:14)


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