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Blue Oval Podcast: 2022 Conference Weekend Analysis (Part Two)

After an absolutely wild weekend of conference action, Ben and Garrett sit down to analyze some of the top results from around the NCAA. The guys chat about the uncertainty surrounding the men's and women's 800 meters, the unclear postseason decisions that Fay and Robinson will have to make and the incredible greatness of Katelyn Tuohy.

Navasky Anderson & Trying to Figure Out Brandon Miller (2:55)

Imogen Barrett As An 800 Meter Title Favorite (10:06)

Aaliyah Miller's & Carley Thomas' Crazy Momentum (13:47)

Dylan Jacobs Takes Down Wildschutt in ACC 5k (18:25)

Chelangat's SEC 5k Title & Valby's Comeback (21:34)

Herrera Wins PAC-12 5k Title (24:51)

What Does Robinson Run At The National Meet? (26:44)

Mario Garcia Romo Runs 3:36 to Defeat Eliud Kipsang (28:35)

Vissa Runs 4:08 to Defeat Gregory (32:15)

Micaela DeGenero's Place In The National Title Picture (34:01)

Waskom & Houser Go 1-2 in PAC-12 1500 Meter Race (36:21)

Tuohy Dominates, Runs 4:06 to Win ACC Title (38:27)

Thomas Vanoppen Extends 1500 Meter Winning Streak (41:53)

Spencer Takes Down Davis in BIG 10 1500 Meters (44:04)

Nichols PAC-12 10k Victory & Chances For A National Title (45:47)

What Does Brian Fay Run At the National Meet? (49:17)

Boreman Runs 9:42 to Take Down Strong Steeple Field (51:46)


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