2019 D2 Recruit Rankings (Men): #4 Adams State Grizzlies

Updated: Apr 8

Graphic by Logan French / Not all recruits are listed above.

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If you ask the men of Adams State if they had a bit of a down year in 2018, they would say yes, as they ended up finishing 4th place overall as a team at Nationals. You may be thinking, "How is a podium finish at Nationals be a down year?". Well, when you consider that the powerhouse has won the national title seven out of the past 10 years, it's understandable why "only" snagging the last spot on the podium can be a bit underwhelming. Despite there being three rare occasions where they did not win the title, they had never finished worst than 4th.

The Adams State culture and tradition is to always expect to win a National Championship and these standards will never be lowered.

Last year’s Adams State team was led by senior stars Elias Gedyon and Sydney Gidabuday. Both had various individual national titles and All-American finishes during their tenure at Adams State. With the loss of Adams two heavy hitters, it leaves them with a fairly experienced crew of returners that include Kale Adams, Miguel Villar, Isaiah Rodarte, Paddy Robb, and Joshua Joseph. To return to the top of the Adams State way, they will need some additional assistance from there new incoming recruiting class.

* * *

The first individual in Adams State's large recruiting class is David Cardenas from Central (Grand Junction) High School. Cardenas has terrific speed and endurance ranging from a 1:53 in the 800 all the way to a 15:23 in the 5k. In the middle distance events he also has an impressive 1600 time of 4:16, along with a 9:30 in the 3200. The sky is the limit for this young freshman who brings legitimate talent to seemingly all distances.

Another great addition is Andrew O’Keefe from Granite City High School which is located in Illinois. The thing that pops out is O’Keefe’s 1600 time of 4:08. This is obviously a D1 time, but him choosing Adams State goes to show how much the tradition of winning factors in. Along with the very impressive 1600, he has just as impressive times of 1:53 in the 800, 9:11 in the 3200, and 16:06 in the 5k. If O’Keefe develops correctly, along with altitude training, he will be a force to reckon with in the coming years in D2. The idea of him becoming the next Gidabuday or Gedyon isn't necessarily out of the question.

Yonas Haile from Sue Cleveland High School in New Mexico. Haile is a strong addition, having run 1:56 in the 800 and 15:12 in the 5k. This kind of range shows how strong of a runner Haile is. Along with his speed and endurance, he has PR’s of 4:21 in the 1600 and 9:42 in the 3200.

A California native from Dana Hills High School, Josh Kutcher is coming to Adams State with PR”s of 2:01 in the 800, 4:31 in the 1600, 9:51 in the 3200, and 17:03 in the 5k. It'll take some time for Kutcher to develop, but there is no doubt in my mind that he will eventually be able to contribute later down the line.

Ahmed Sado from Denver West High School in Colorado is staying in his home state. Sado is a solid recruit running sub-16 minutes in the 5k with a time of 15:53. He has PR’s of 1:59 in the 800, a strong 4:25 in the 1600, and 9:42 in the 3200. Sado, like Kutcher, will improve quickly at Adams State having prior experience at altitude while being a Colorado native.

Other additions such as Riley Allen, Kieron Brunner, Elijah De La Cerda, Jesus Cuellar, Samuel Kepford, Jake Lammi, Carlos Mobley, and Paolo Vasquez round out Adams State’s recruiting class with times that range from 2:00 in the 800, to 4:30 in the 1600, 9:50 in the 3200, and 15:50 in the 5k.

* * *

Adams State is known for developing high school runners who should have went D1 (or ones that were not really recruited to begin with) into All-Americans and national champions. This cluster of incoming freshmen will be another example in the future of how great Coach Damon Martin is and what enough time in Alamosa can do for a runner.