Distance running (and other aspects of athletics) rarely receive the coverage it deserves. Although we have results and news to analyze, we seldom use that information to our advantage...until now. 


Our DATA page was created to generate insights and keep our readers better informed with more detail than any other running coverage site out there. We consistently update each of our pages (when necessary) to ensure that our DATA page stays relevant and useful during any season of competition.

Understand that our DATA page is still very young and that there are a variety of projects we are still working on implementing. We will also continue to add more conferences to our TITLES page over time.


This is just the beginning. We plan on taking the analytical aspect of our sport to the next level.

The TITLES section of our DATA page lists the total number of conference and national cross country championships a team has had throughout their history. When tallying the number of NCAA titles, we start our count in 1938 (when the first National Championship meet was held). However, when we tally the number of conference titles a team has, we only include the titles they have won in the conference they are currently in.

For instance, Maryland won multiple conference titles when they were in the ACC. However, since they have moved to the BIG 10, we do not count their ACC titles in their title count. The same counting process will be applied to a variety of other teams such as BYU, Colorado, Notre Dame, and Syracuse (to name a few). Simply put, if your school changed conferences, the number of conference titles will only be from the conference that they are currently in.


We will continue to add more conferences to this page over time.

The origin of our data for this project begins in 2012 and is updated at the completion of every cross country season.

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This page is dedicated to the tracking runners who are moving between universities. All of our listed names have been confirmed / verified by reliable outside sources. Although we may use forums as potential leads, we never solely rely on forums or rumors as a source of confirmation for any of our news / reporting.