Point totals are since 2012

How Does This Work?

Understanding our KOLAS DATA page can be extremely useful when trying to figure out which teams you should (and shouldn't) race against if you're a team trying to qualify for Cross Country Nationals.

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​In very basic terms, this is how a team earns Kolas points...

  • There are 9 regions

  • The top 2 teams in each region automatically qualify for Nationals, we refer to these teams as "Autos" or "Auto Locks"

  • If any team defeats an "Auto" during the season, they will earn one Kolas point

  • The goal is to accumulate as many Kolas points as possible when trying to qualify for Nationals

Our KOLAS DATA page shows you which teams (since 2012) have given up the most Kolas points to other teams. Theoretically, these are teams that other programs should make an attempt to race against since (historically speaking) it will increase their chances of qualifying for XC NCAA Championships.

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Points Given To Auto Locks

These are Kolas points that have been given to teams who were also in the top two of their respective regions. These points didn't really have much of an impact since these teams already qualified for Nationals by placing in the top two of their region.

Points Given To At-Large Teams

These are Kolas points given to teams who were NOT in the top two of their respective region, BUT were able to qualify for Nationals by accumulating enough Kolas points. The points given to these specific teams helped them qualify for Nationals.

Points Given To Outsiders

These are Kolas points given to teams who were NOT in the top two of their respective region and were NOT able to qualify even with the Kolas points they earned. Essentially, the points given to these teams didn't matter since they weren't able to qualify.

No. Auto Appearances

This is the number of times (since 2012) that an Auto Lock team has finished in the top two of their region and became a team that gives Kolas points to another team.

Total Given Points

The sum of points between...


- Points Given To Auto Locks

- Points Given To At-Large Teams

- Points Given To Outsiders

Avg. Given Points

The Total Given Points divided by the No. Auto Appearances


Essentially, teams with lower Avg. Given Points do not give up many Kolas points and do not help teams who are trying to qualify for the National Championships.


For example, Colorado is a team that you do not want to go out of your way to race. Although they have qualified for multiple national championships, they are so hard to beat in the regular season that they rarely help you qualify for NCAA's anyway.


Teams with higher Avg. Given Points typically give away a lot of points to other teams and have helped those teams qualify for the Cross Country National Championships.

For example, NC State, Georgia, Washington, and Florida have given up a lot of points when they were in the top two of their region.


However, since 2012, those teams have only placed in the top two a handful of times. A team like Texas may be a better team to look at since they often finish in the top two of their region and they have been known to give up a decent amount Kolas points as well.